Wednesday, April 16, 2014


As you can see in a second in the picture below, my dining room is on the small side and when I have company over we can only fit just the 4 chairs around the table, which limits how many people can actually sit like a grown up at the table. Its a bummer, so I looked around at some ideas on Pinterest and my solution was to go with a dining banquette, I figured that should solve my seating problems? I hoped..

I went ahead and ordered one from Overstock that was on sale, and on top of the sale price I also had a coupon code that was emailed to me, so I got a really good deal. My only complaint is that it took almost 6 weeks to arrive, and lots of back and forth phone calls regarding the delivery issue (how long it was taking) and so on, but FINALLY it did arrive! Overstock was great and returned a lot of my money back for all the hassle and waiting. 

I couldn't be happier it's so much better, it totally provides that extra seating that I needed! Now a normal person should be fine and dandy with the seating problem solved right?  Well not me...I am so not normal I have concluded.. and here is my dilemma..

I inspected the photo of this banquette several, several times to make sure that it would match my existing dining chairs and I was convinced that this banquette would totally match, ha darn computer monitor lies.. it so lied.. It doesn't match and I just am not digging the color mixture of the two. 

I know in this picture they look like they match, but believe me they don't (see that monitor is so deceiving sometimes). The banquette is more of a greyish and the chairs are beige. I know the littlest things drive me nutso I just cant help it, I annoy myself and my poor hubby I am sure, So I decided if I could just recover those chairs I would be much happier. I searched for some fabric at a deep discount and picked up some this fabric, ($34.99 for the entire yardage) which was 4.5 yards, Score! I am hoping it will be enough to recover the three chairs. I just want to make the tight fitted slip covers just to cover the beige existing fabric. This way I can remove them and wash them if I need too. Sounds so easy in my head, but once I get the fabric in front of me I realized I have no idea what the heck I am doing..

Again I  have never made slipcovers so I think I will be watching a lot of You Tube videos in my near future. Hopefully I can learn a little, be brave and just go for it. I will keep you posted on that.

I also want to make some pillows for the banquette (boy that's a lot of sewing). I have these two remnants, (just threw the fabric over a couple pillows) and I am not sure if I want both or just pick one fabric, it might be a lot of pattern going on with the chairs also in a pattern too although all the fabric is from the the same designer and I have seen all these mixed before, but I am on the fence.

Oh the decisions..any opinions? I am off to start my video watching, See you guys soon!!