Friday, March 29, 2013


I have seen these Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees allover design magazines for a few years now, and I really, really want one. Not because they are "trendy" but because I love me some plants, always have loved greenery in my home like these baby's..

 I haven't bought one yet for two reasons, the first reason is they are out of my budget, a small one that I found locally is around $100 bucks..yikes..Second, I don't have a lot of natural light in my home and I am afraid it will croke. My luck I will splurge and buy one and it will die, and I hate thinking about throwing away money, literally. But in a perfect world I would have two of these baby's.  

I have a fake tree, yep a fake one, and it dawned on me that it resembles this Fiddle Leaf Tree a lot except it has leafs all the way down the entire stalk. 

 You probably are guessing what I have in mind? I am considering taking off the leaves from the bottom and somehow moving them to the top to make the top fuller like the Fiddle Leaf. Haven't figured out how I am gonna do this yet and what I would use to re-attach the leaves I remove. My wheels are spinning as I write this post. I would love to pick up a basket for this tree to sit in (like in picture number one) too. If anyone has any suggestions I would love to hear them. This is another project that I have added to my endless list of things I would like to do, I had better quit adding and get to doing soon..


Thursday, March 28, 2013


It's almost time to bring out that outdoor decor! One of my favorite things to do in the spring time. I have cooped myself up inside for way too many days and cant wait to get outdoors and enjoy. Making your outdoor space colorful and comfortable doesn't have to be expensive. All I really need to do is add some outdoor pillows and an outdoor rug, and with all the flowers blooming, I am totally at home outside. I was browsing for these items online yesterday and I went to and was really surprised at the selection and the prices on their rugs and pillows :

       This yellow one for a 6x9 is $116.00

Orange Rug for a 6x9 is $115.99


This one is $ 19.99

Here are some pillows:


These ikat pillows are gorgeous at $43.99 for two.

 These are $27.49 for two.


 These ones are $45.99 for two a little too expensive for me but I like the pattern.

I would love my outdoor space to look like these, maybe one day..

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Target Threshold Coral Duvet Set

Hey, hey guys!! I don't know why I wanna say "guys" I don't mean it in gender specific term, I think its just a California slang thing I guess.. Anyways my post today is about that brand I have been talking about A LOT lately, Target's Threshold Brand. I am just in love with everything from this brand! When I go to Target I don't specifically seek out this brand, but everything I am drawn to just so happens to be this said brand. Has that ever happened to you?

 I was walking through the isles of Target trying to get around all the people in a hurry trying to get to my destination (paper towels)  I found myself in the duvet, sheet isle and  this color just jumped out at me.. It was a lovely coral colored duvet set. I stopped in my tracks and pulled it off the shelf (it was the last one) and low and behold it was the Threshold brand! I thought man..this is so pretty..this would look so good with my dark blue and white quatrefoil duvet set , I need some color in my room. 

I thought maybe I can DIY this, find some fabric this color and make my own, but what are the odds I would find this same color and find it affordable? Needless to say this did come home with me..

Isn't it pretty?

Here is what it looks like on my bed..

See you guys soon!!

Monday, March 25, 2013


Happy Monday Ya'll!! It has been so gorgeous in my part of the country this last few days, spring has arrived! For those of you hit by the snow storm, stay warm and be careful, I hope it passes soon.

 My post today is a super easy way to add some pretty storage to your home. I don't know about you guys but I always have stuff floating around that I just don't want people to see. For example my son has random toys that he drags out on a daily basis from his room that no matter how much I put them back in his room they always end up back in the living area, so I take these toys and just pop them in these guys. I posted about these said storage containers HERE and I have a few more of these baby's left and I am hacking up a plan for the remaining ones ( I will post the finished product). Ok, to the point now.. 

Here is what I used:

  • Fabric (got mine from thrift store)
  • Krylon spray adhesive (Joanne's)
  • Stitch Witchery (Joanne's)
  • Staple Gun (Any Hardware Store)
  • Storage Container ( got mine from my hubby's work)  
You can use any container, old decorative box for this if you like.

First I wrapped my fabric around the bottom portion adding 1.5 inches for the seam, marked the end of my fabric, then cut it.
I moved on to the top of the container and placed the fabric on top, marked it 1.5 larger(so that it would cover the sides a bit), and cut that part out. 
I then just wrapped the fabric around the top again (for the diameter) and cut out a strip for the sides of the top. 
 Then I sprayed my adhesive on the bottom portion of the container, waiting about a minute for it to get "tacky"  then wrapped it around smoothing it out as I went. I did the same thing for the top.I used my staple gun to staple the fabric to the bottom, I guess I could have used the spray adhesive but I didn't want to risk getting glue on the floor.
For covering the lid that thin piece of fabric I used my stitch witchery and made like a little "belt" and just slid it over the lid. That's it super easy and it didn't take me long at all,maybe 30 minutes total.

Here is a price breakdown:

  • Container (Free)
  • Fabric ( $ 2.50)
  • Spray Adhesive ( $4.00)
  • Stitch witchery ($2.00)
  • Staple Gun (Already Had)
  • TOTAL: $ 8.50 

I guess you could use this as storage and a little side table too next to a chair, that would be cute like this with a tray and a flower. 

Tomorrow's post is gonna be about that "brand crush" of mine Threshold from Target  once again. Yes I went there again this weekend. See you tomorrow! 



Thursday, March 21, 2013


I been recently getting an itch to repaint my living and dining room. I cant seem to keep a color on the walls for more than a year or so. Its one of my ocd's I guess..I been eying some gray colors, but grays have so many variations of undertones, from purple, browns, and blue undertones. So which one do I choose? There are so many to pick from. brain could hardly handle the choices. I have been to the paint store several times already gathering some paint chips, but I think I have finally chose one.  Yea victory! (Fingers Crossed) but don't hold me to it quite yet (I keep going back and forth between two) The one I am leaning towards is call Benjamin Moore Harbor Gray. This is a true Gray with hardly no undertone's. I am really loving this one.


The other paint color I am also considering is called Benjamin Moore Owl Grey. This is also a very true Gray, but this one is a little on the lighter side.

 In this photo it gives me an idea of how it would look in a darker setting, the color appears darker on the walls. 

I will decide by this weekend and hopefully get started soon, wish me luck! See you on Monday!!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


 I know when I am shopping for a light fixture I can never find anything in a large scale that I can afford, I  think that they are always too small for the room. They end up looking like a speck of something on the ceiling instead of a fixture, well  this is a super easy way to get a large drum shade chandelier and Its a DIY which means you can make it look anyway your heart desires and it is large in size (24 inches round). My friend and I found this idea on how to do it... I decided to make mine pretty simple  in color and add some greek key trim in gold.

 If you would like to try it, here is what you will need: 

  • Two embroidery hoops large sized 24 inch (got mine from Joannes)
  • One bottle of Tacky Glue (Joannes)
  • Clips (Staples)  
  • One pack of Gridded Poster Board (Staples)
  • Fabric of your choosing I used 2.5 yards (White for me)
  • Greek key ribbon x 2 (Joannes)   

First separate your embroidery hoops and use the inside rings (the one without the screw in it), take out your  poster board and decide how long you want your shade to be (mine is 15 inches from top to bottom). Cut the poster board down to the size you like (that's were the grid comes in handy, the lines are already marked for you so that you can ensure your lines are straight).

Take your glue and make a line on the outside of the first hoop and glue on the poster board, then move to the second hoop and glue the poster board to that one. 

I used the clamps (pic above) to keep everything in place until it dried (about 10 minuets for drying).

Next, take your fabric (I used 2.5 yards for mine) wrap it around and mark your cut. Make sure you leave enough fabric on the outside to tuck in to the inside, (to hide the inside wood hoop).

After you have cut your fabric, its time to glue the fabric to the outside. While the shade is laying like this again put a line of glue at the top (where the hoop is) and line up the fabric and glue. I glued the fabric on both the top and the bottom at the same time just turning the shade as I went. (The brown fabric is what I tried before the white, didn't like it).

 As I glued I stopped and attached the clips again to hold the fabric in place as it dried, like this:

When I got to the end I folded under the fabric to make my seam, do it as straight as you can and glue just as you did the rest of the fabric. I left it to dry again with the clips on for about 15 minutes.

Once it was dry again, Take off the clips and now its time to fold the fabric under to cover the wood hoops.Just fold and glue into place and use the clips one last time.

Ok, after that is dry (15 min. again) its ribbon time. Take out the ribbon and again put a line of glue on the backside of the ribbon and just glue it to the top and the bottom. I didn't use the clips for this because the ribbon stayed in place just fine.

To hang this guy up (mine over an existing light fixture) I just got some of these and screwed  them into the top hoop and used some nylon string made an x pattern and just slip it over your existing fixture.

Its Done! Here it is all finished up! I hope my instructions are easy to follow, if you need any questions answered just give me a shout.

Here is the price breakdown:

  • Embroidery hoops $2.00 a piece (50% off Joannes coupons)
  • Glue (Already Had) but to buy is $ 2.50
  • Ribbon $ 3.00
  • Fabric (mine was 25 cents at a thrift store)
  • Poster board $3.00  
  • Screws for hanging $1.00
  • Nylon Rope (already had)
  • Clips (already had) but can buy at any office supply store
  • Grand Total: $13.75    not too shabby ehh

Monday, March 18, 2013


I don't know about you but I LOVE pillows, and like to switch up my homes look on a whim. The best way to do that is to switch out  your accessories, like throw pillows. I keep my sofa and  my wall colors pretty neutral so that I am not stuck with one color scheme and am able to change things up a bit. All these are under $50.00. These are just a few of my favorite places to pick up affordable pillows, Have a great day!