Monday, March 17, 2014


 I loved how my bi-fold doors came out so much that I decided to also pretty up my hall cabinet doors too! I used the same materials as I did in the bi-fold door project, MDF trim, wood glue and wood filler, that's it! Fast, and easy I promise. 

I roughly sketched out some idea of the door design...

At first I thought about just simply framing them out with no real "design", but then I thought that was no fun and if I am gonna do this it cant be too "plain". I didn't want a real busy pattern either, I have a love for graphic patterns everywhere else in my house so I didn't want to compete.

I decided to go with sketch number two, almost similar to three but without the added trim on the insides of the doors. 

Here is what they looked like before: Pretty plain and in need of a paint job..

Here was my first step:
First I measured the width and length of the doors an calculated how much trim I would need, I purchased 16 feet of mdf which was plenty and it only cost me $4.23!

I cut my trim down, basically to "frame" the outside edges.
Next I cut 8 small squares (of the same mdf trim) all the same size, and applied them to all the corners after I "framed" out the edges. I used my brad nailer and wood glue to apply all the trim. 

After I cut my trim down it literally took my like 5 minutes to apply it, so easy! Cutting it was super fast too. 

Next I used wood filler to fill in all the gaps so that it looks as seamless as possible.
After the wood filler dried, I sanded it down, gave it two coats of paint, and I was finished!

Paint still wet in this pic :)

Not bad for a $4.23 project! Now my doors have some pizazz and personality!

Here is a before and after just for kicks again..



I don't think I have anything else to "trim" out on my list yet, but I am eyeballing those kitchen cabinet doors.. so maybe I will tackle those too, but I haven't decided yet :) 

Are you guys doing some projects to spicen plain things up in your home? I think its that time of year! See you soon.

Thursday, March 6, 2014


I know a lot of people have those plain flat not so attractive bi-fold doors in their homes, am I right? I do, one of which is seen in the main part of my house from all rooms. My kitchen pantry door. Where there once were pulls on these doors now remained two very large holes from opening and closing the door so many times, the pulls literally created holes, then one day they just fell out. So instead of buying new doors I came up with a way to make them pretty and reattach some new pulls. 

First I measured my doors length and width, then determined how many feet of trim I would need, I needed around 63 feet but wanted to make sure I had a little extra just in case I made a mistake. I hate having to go back to the hardware store mid project because I ran out of something, so by buying five 16 footers I would have extra. 

I picked up some 2 1/4 inch MDF trim x 5, total cost $21.00.

I started at the top and measured the left side of the left hand door, but left an 1/2 inch gap closest to the wall so that the trim wouldn't hit the wall when the door opens. I made my first cut with my chop saw, put some wood glue on the back and stuck it on, My brad nailer was giving me issues so I used a clamp to hold the first one on until I got it working. 

Sorry for the weird shadows, it was really dark and gloomy on this day..

I did the same step for the next piece, it going right next to this one at the top on the same door. Then I measured length wise taking off  2 1/4 inches from the measurement (for the bottom trim piece), glued then nailed in. I repeated this process until both doors were trimmed out, remembering to leave that 1/2 inch gap on the right side door, like you did on the left, next to the wall so it doesn't interfere with opening the door.

Next up are the pieces that go in the middle of the trim you just attached. You can make any design you would like two pieces of trim in the middle to make three insets or 4 or 5 whatever tickles your fancy. I wanted five insets so I had to cut eight pieces of trim per door. I recommend measuring for each piece of trim, they will have a slight variance.

After all the trim is on I starting using wood filler to fill in all the nail holes and seams, let that dry, sand it and its ready to be painted!

Sorry for the TERRIBLE pics couldn't get a good one to save my life!

I Love the details it added to this plain old door! This was super easy and didn't take a lot of time to do and it only cost me $21.00, now I wanna trim out every door and cabinet in my house!

Oh and I have two options for the pulls:

This one...

Or this one..

The first option is a vintage set of pulls I have had for a while, I don't really dig the green back round so I think I am gonna try and paint it a different color, and then choose. After I choose I will get a better after pic for you (come on sun shine already).

If you guys have any questions for me on how to do this just let me know, I am off to see what other doors and cabinets need some loving, after I decide on the pulls and attach them, gotta finish this one first! Have a Great Day!!