Friday, June 28, 2013


Happy Friday! Remember back a few weeks ago I was talking about getting a new rug? I did order one online here after doing some price comparing and for a good sale, and I did find one, and it was delivered, and I was so exited and...the outer package was badly ripped on one side all the way down the entire rug was extremely dirty..

I just wanted to cry when I seen it. I had spent so much time looking for this rug. I contacted the seller and guess what?? They are out of stock, all sold out, yep can you believe it? They don't know when they will get more if they do at all. BIG sigh......but I do give BIG props to the seller they handled it so kindly and have already refunded my money, they told me not to worry about sending it back that the carrier (the comp.who delivered it) would come and inspect the rug (to make sure it is in fact damaged) and after that to just throw it away.No hassle of reshipping back or anything. 

The MOST AWESOME customer service I have ever had! It was not their fault that it was damaged during shipping yet they took full responsibility! I will most definitely be buying a rug from them to replace this one.. I will leave you with a picture of the rug just chilling waiting for its destiny (the good side, the bad side is an awful site)

 And here is what it looks like all laid out (I thought this rug was so fun and unique)



Have a great weekend, I am off to do some rug hunting again!

Thursday, June 27, 2013


Hi I'm a little late posting today (its so beautiful outside today, Ive been enjoying it) but better late than never right?

Today I wanted to share how to add social media buttons to your blog. I am not very educated on these types of things but some determination and research I have learned how to do it. Wanna know how? If so here we go..

First, you want to either make yourself or find social media buttons online there are tons for free you can download just do a google search for social media buttons. Here is what mine look like:

Next after you choose your buttons upload them into a photbucket account, if you don't have one you can create one (its fast, easy and FREE!) (above pic is the icons in my photobucket) !) After you have done that you will need the html code so that they can be linked to your blog. Here is the code

" width="52" height="52" alt="NAME OF SOCIAL MEDIA ICON" />

  Now your gonna have to do some replacing of the code with your information, for example:

(Use your Note Pad program for this, nothing else)

SOCIAL MEDIA LINK replace with the url of your social media account (example)

NAME OF SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNT you need to replace with the name of the social media you are linking to i.e Twitter

DIRECT LINK TO SOCIAL MEDIA ICON you need  replace with the direct link for the image you want to link to, you will find this in your Photobucket account (I found my image in photo bucket, click on the image and then right clicked on the page  and chose "view page source"and copied the image location link in the html page code. The line that has .png at the end.Here what mine looked like :

You can change the size by altering the numbers if you want.

NAME OF SOCIAL MEDIA ICON you need to replace with the name of the social media account icon, Twitter icon

You will need to to repeat this process for each social media account you want to add to your blog.

Now after you have done this for all the buttons you want you need to add  the html in your blog.

Here's how to do that:

From your dashboard, use the drop down menu to enter the Layout screen, choose an Add Gadget tab.

Copy the entire code you created in Notepad, and paste it in to the pop up box. You can change the arrangement of the icons if you want, once you got it the way you want, hit Save.(And yes all these can be put into one gadget)

Here is what mine looked like:

 That's it your all done! Sound hard and believe me I was intimidated but just take your time and you can totally do it! If anyone needs some help just let me know I will give it my best shot!
Have a great day!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


If you are new to blogging like I am and want to know how to add pictures to your side bar I found a super easy way to do that. I spent the whole day yesterday trying to learn how to do things like adding pictures, adding buttons, and I am still trying to figure out how to change the font and the font colors and the list goes on and on...(I have tried to change my background but for some reason the darn thing wont change) so if you visit me and my blog looks like a first grader scribbled all over it that's just me trying to figure things

I did accomplish adding button (one of them is broken) gotta fix that and I added one picture that I made in picmonkey (another thing I was messing around with yesterday). Most of you probably already know how to do this but if not here we go, ready?

OK, first sign into your blogger dashboard, click layout for the blog you want to change,click on "add a gadget",then in the pop up box click on "add an image", either click "Browse" and locate the picture you want uploaded or if it is a picture already hosted on the web, type or copy-paste its URL into the box. Make sure you choose the option to "shrink to fit" so that it will fit in the sidebar correctly. And that's it you now have your own picture in the side bar!  If you noticed this is the picture I added yesterday...

Tomorrow I will post how I added the Social Media Buttons! I am off to do some more research on how to fancy up this bland blog of mine, so until tomorrow, hope you all have a great day!!

Monday, June 24, 2013


Happy Monday!! Well I finally got the desk I posted about HERE done, woohoo! This was a painstakingly long drawn out project, lots of scraping and picking and sanding. I used paint remover on this project and it was a big ole fat mistake! With all the grooves and the legs being round and not straight was a pain in the butttookiss..  Next time I'm going to sand only, I thought by using the paint remover it would save me time and energy but the total opposite happened. Any who wanna see it all finished? Who doesn't love a good before and after? Here we go..

After all the paint was off and I sanded it a little, I sprayed it with  Rustoleum's Stone Grey in satin finish (spray paint and I are besties). It's a little darker than I wanted it but I can totally live with it.
Here is what I started with again if you didn't see my first post..

Then this is after the first round of many of the paint remover nightmare...

And one more time, the after..

Ahh..much better right?

See you soon!

Thursday, June 20, 2013


I was browsing the internet last night looking for some new fabric for a couple different rooms in my house and stumbled upon this designer, Caitlin Wilson and her gorgeous fabrics. This girl is talented, all of her textiles are so pretty, classy, and just plain delicious! Seriously I want all of them, makes me just wanna pile the fabric on the floor and make fabric angels...Unfortunately the price per yard is out of my price range, but a girl can dream. A couple of her fabrics I am thinking about attempting to DIY with fabric paint. We will see how that comes out..anyways take a look at what I talking about:


You can find out all about her HERE.
Anyone else been living under a rock lately and didn't know who this girl was?  Isn't her stuff just delicious? 

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Just wanted to pop in and share with you what I have been up to the last few days. I am still working on the boys room, redoing everything about it...(everything needed to go). My little one was always complaining that he needed a little table at the end of his bed but the room is on the small side, so I racked my brain yesterday while going through our storage shed outside (yes I am one of the those people who have a ton of stuff from my home decor hoarding problem) stuffed all inside of my shed. 

I found this drum at a yard sale that didn't have the drum skin on the top so really its just a drum shell, but it is solid wood and pretty cool. I had a couple of these round pieces of glass (they are super heavy and thick too) and thought this would be a cool little table, I just popped the glass on top and wallah a table...I love the chrome things on the sides too, Brandon loves it so that was a big score of mommy points for me! Anyways lots to do, here are some pictures (sorry couldn't get a clear picture to save my life)..

Have a great day!!!

Friday, June 14, 2013


I love flowers and trees and bushes get the idea I love it all, and think they can liven up any space, from the obvious outdoor space to having fresh cut flowers even in the bathroom (makes the bathroom smell fresh). I wanted to share with you what I have outdoors, which are all really easy to take care of. Now by no means am I an expert (far from it) I have had horrible luck with plants but these ones are easy so if I can keep them alive any one can, seriously no joke..I have many plant massacres caused by my black thumb under my belt..hehe..ok here we go..

  • Jade Trees

Now I know a lot of people who own these and say they are hard to keep alive, but in my opinion they are super easy and require little care. I have mine (I have 2) under the eve so they don't get the morning dew. I water them seriously like 1 time a month. Just make sure that the soil drys out COMPLETELY before you water again. They need good drainage so make sure your pot has several drain holes and your good to go.

  • Rose Cactus (Succulent)

Another Super easy plant to take care of. These are humungous Rose shaped succulents, I mean this one is like 10-12 inches in diameter, pretty big right? I also keep this one under the eve (but I don't think it would matter) this is just the best spot on my patio for this huge plant. I water this one every other day depending on how much sun the day brought and the temperature, if its super hot I water it every day. 

  • Japanese Maple Tree

My Japanese Maple is just a toddler (2 years old) it started out at about 4 inches tall,and is now I would say around 2 feet tall now. Again this is super easy to keep alive, water it and your good. Since mine is planted in a pot I do water mine either every day or every other day. My hot pink Buddha is its buddy..hehe

  • Hydrangea Family Flowers

These are my favorites, they come in all kinds of really cool colors, I choose the pinks because MY PATIO has a lot of pink in it. I just pop these guys in some pots (always have good drainage holes in the bottom) with some Miracle Grow Soil and water every day on these ones and watch them bloom! 

What are your favorite plants? If there are any other easy care plants you know about I would love to hear about them! Have a great Weekend!!

Monday, June 10, 2013


Hi guys just had some random updates to share with you today. The first being the desk I have talked so much about this last week..well I decided to use paint remover or aka paint stripper on this here desk and I am here to tell you don't use this stuff on any thing round that has any grooves in it! I literally have been on the floor with an exacto knife (only because its the smallest thing I could find to get it there ) scarping out all the paint out of the the bamboo grooves. I think I have called this desk every name in the book at this really I need a censor over my mouth..hehe..  Banged on it several times and asked it "WHY"????....

I try to keep it real, most of my projects aren't a magical transformation like I wish it could be and things take time, I often wonder and admire how some bloggers make things look so easy, and are so dang fast at things. Am I the only one who thinks these bloggers have some secret special blogger powers that I don't have?  Blogger Super Heros..Anyways here is what I am working with on day 4...

 Yikes! Maybe another hundred hours and I will be finished.

I posted about the thumb tack embellished dressers a couple weeks ago and said when I moved them in my bedroom I would post the pictures, they barely fit in there, I got lucky and actually measured correctly...whew..

 Rug or no rug?

I am so happy with all the additional storage they have given us, so do be afraid to use dressers as night stands because I think they look great and are practical. Sometimes I say don't listen to design "rules" about scale and size and such, yea they probably aren't the right "scale" but at least my clothes aren't piled on the floor right? (They kinda were before, shh..) Anyways back to scraping this bad boy of a desk, I cant wait for this thing to be done so that I can move on to the other stages of the boys room. Anyone else having a DIY predicament?

Friday, June 7, 2013


Happy Friday! It has been a long week with a house full of strep throat the last few days to top it off..Cant wait for school to be out so maybe we can get a break from the germs...oh I how I hope. 

Planning on having a yard sale tomorrow to clear out some of the clutter (to make money to buy some more) I have a problem with that..  I would like to have some time to finish up and get started on some projects, number one being redoing the boys room. Let me tell ya it is in desperate need! Their room is right off the living room and you might be able to see me through the window doing a mad dash  (like in a baseball game sliding on the ground to home base) to close their door when the door bell rings, its that bad hehe.. and I have the rug burns to prove it.. j.k. (no carpet in my house but it sounded good) Here is the list:

  • Paint this desk I scored on Craigslist            

I plan on putting this in the boys room

  • Paint the boys dressers, They have decided on the colors they like, which are grey, navy blue, and orange. The dressers are going to painted Navy, and the desk I was thinking a light grey color, this room is our inspiration.. (instead of black imagine navy)

 But before all the painting and fun stuff can happen the dreaded cleaning out of things and making a trip to the thrift shop to donate (if I can whip this out today it will go in the yard sale). I will be prepared to hear lots of whining and I am bored's from them before this all over. That's ok I have ear plugs and I'm not afraid to use them.. (hear that kids I am armed and ready hehe)

  • And last I am going to attempt to make two headboards myself (who am I kidding I will beg and plead with the hubby to help me), like the ones in the photo above. I have two pieces of plywood all ready to go, and two egg foams (ya know the old school things that you put on top of your mattress that looks like the inside of a egg carton, before the fancy tempurpedic ones came out) Ya I'm old school like that..they are A LOT cheaper than foam. I got mine from now where else but a yard sale. I still have to order the fabric so that will be one of the last things finished. Maybe I have bit off more that I can chew?? Probably but that's how I roll. 
Have a great weekend everyone!!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Hi everyone! I have had a really busy week so far, school is winding down and the little one has had so many field trips and performances after school this last two weeks, I have hardly had the time to even eat a proper meal. The desk I posted about here I haven't laid a finger on....:( but I wouldn't change anything, I have really been enjoying making memories with the family. So on to today's post..

Remember when I was complaining about my white sofa and loveseat? Well I didn't get to do what I really wanted to do which was sell them and buy the Karlsdad set at Ikea with the super yummy grey I'm not gonna let that stop me...(this lady is determined) I am going to give dying my white covers grey a try...I am a little freaked out just typing this, but I am going to do some in depth research on what the best dye is to purchase and the most effective instructions for the dying process.  I hope they dont come out tye dyed like a revival of the 70's hippie era..hehe..but if I do mess them up, purchasing another set in white (the cheapest to buy) wont break the bank. I could just buy a grey cover set for mine but they are expensive, $300 bucks for them that's not even a remote possibility. This is the color I am going for.

Wish me luck, have a great day!

Monday, June 3, 2013


Hi guys, Happy Monday!!
I just wanted to pop in for a minute and share what I found this weekend on Craigslist, a vintage Thomasville Bamboo Desk! It was advertised as a kids desk, which was something I was looking for so I clicked on the ad, then I blew up the picture and holy cow (I said this out loud) this looks like one of those vintage Tomasville desks I have seen so many times in magazines! I emailed and they responded right away with "yes I still have it"...woot woot..and for $20.00! It is what I thought it was, I opened up one of the drawers and sure enough it is a Thomasville! I thought should I offer her more money and I did ask my hubby that question but of course he said no thats what Craigslist is for..finding bargains, so I gave her the $20.00 and it is now home with me, it needs some work, definitely a new paint job.That is what I will be working on this week. When she is all finished up I will post the pictures. 

Now on to sanding and deciding what color she will be..any suggestions??

Have a Terrific Day !!