Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Hi Guys! Well I got one of the dressers completely finished! The other is half way done, I had to take a break for half a day, my thumb is sooo sore! Pushing on those thumb tacks can sure make a sore, throbbing thumb fast. Enough of my DIYhining.. I had to sorta style the finished one just to let you guys see how it turned out. When I finish the other and move them into my bedroom I will post the final pictures. But for now here is the finished one....This I have to say was one of the cheapest and coolest projects under my DIY belt. 

The dressers looked like this before..

What a difference, right? I knew I wanted to embellish these dressers and thought about doing a greek key painted stencil, but I am so in love with nail head design lately I decided on this instead. I also wanted to keep the design simple so that it could adapt to my ever changing designs and didn't want it to compete with the bold patterned duvet on my bed. Speaking of didn't wants, I didn't want to spend a lot of money on nail heads, so I needed to have a brain storm session on what I would use instead, and after a little brain racking (me looking up at the ceiling thumbing my bottom lip with my finger, seems to work.. hehe) my little idea bell dinged in my head "I could totally use thumb tacks instead"!! I went to Rite Aid and picked up 5 packs of these guys.. ($1.98 a pack if your curious)

So A tacking I went, for one dresser I used almost 2 packages (150 tacks!) That's why I am whining about a sore thumb..hehe that's a lot of tacking. But hey $10.00 for 500 tacks, much cheaper than nail heads right, so I did save a lot of money. 
Ace was having a sale (always looking for a sale girl here) this Memorial Day weekend on spray paint, 2 for $5.00 so I picked up two Rust-Oleum's painters touch Ultra Cover 2x in white semi gloss. It took 1 can per dresser. I did prime and sand them before painting. The primer I already had. So the total was $65.00 for both dressers, $50.00 for both dressers from Craigslist, $10.00 for the tacks and $5.00 for the paint and I think they came out totally cool!

And just for kicks here is the before and after again..


Anyone else making something ugly, pretty? I would love to see your projects!


  1. Love the white, and the gold nailheads and hardware make it look sophisticated. Great job!

  2. Thank you, I was thinking about maybe going all the way around all the drawers with the tacks, but for now I'm mending a sore thumb..lol but maybe soon, thanks for stopping by, have a great weekend!


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