Sunday, May 12, 2013


Happy mothers day to all the momma's out there!  (I say Momma cuz I grew up in the south you know with that southern way of drawling out every word)  I feel so blessed to have both of my kiddos still at home to share this day with. Happy mothers day to the people I know who are still in the incubation period of becoming a mom, enjoy the sleep and rest while you can, that will soon all change..hehe, but in a good way! 

This is a bitter sweet day for me, I lost my momma  when I was 19 years old to cervical cancer. She was the best mom a girl could ever ask for and I miss her every day, especially on this day. She was the kind of mom who would cheer you up and make you laugh when you were having a bad day, comfort you when you were sad and upset and never judged a poor decision made by her children, she knew that was part of growing up.I love you mom, and I always will! And ladies, make sure you have your annual exams with your gyno, it is so important, because you just never know. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Hope all you mamma's have a restful, wonderful days with your family!

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  1. I hope your mother's day has been relaxing and beautiful!


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