Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Hey guys, on Friday I posted about painting my tables I got from World Market last year, remember? Well, I was pretty sure I was gonna use my trusty rub and buff on this project, that is until I went to Ace Hardware this weekend for something (light bulbs) and decided to take a quick stroll through the paint isle (my favorite isle). I am always looking to see if they added anything new in the paint department, and I ran across this.. 

 It's called Modern Masters metallic paint. I never seen this here before and opened up the lid ( I don't think your allowed to do that but I'm a rebel like that..hehe) and holy moley this paint was so freaking cool! It looked like real metal all ground up in a liquid form! I got all exited and giddy and was probably making people think I was a nutso or something (Look at that lady in the paint isle kinda thing) I gets exited over paint, yep I do.. anyways, I had to try this stuff!

I ended up picking a color out called champagne. I was on the fence about how bright I wanted my gold to be, this one is kinda a mixture of silver and gold, a muted gold.

 I have now decided I wanna a more bright gold after applying some of it on my table so I will be getting the other color today I hope. I gotta tell ya this stuff is pretty awesome though it goes on like a dream and really does look like real metal, no that fake look you sometimes get with certain spray paint. 

 I threw down my painting tarp and used one of those cheepo foam brushes (49 cents), just dip and paint. I did a small section and decided I wanted more "bling". Easy fix See pic above. Well I better get to work, see you guys soon! Oh and btw, I was asked if my posts are "sponsored" posts and the answer is no. Everything I post about is my opinion and I buy with my own mullah. Maybe one day I will get the opportunity to try out some products, but that hasn't happened yet. Have a great day!

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