Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Its been a very busy last couple of weeks here in my house, there for a lack of posts. Tis the Season! Here are a few ideas for some last minute gift ideas that I know I would LOVE to have. The first one being a runner or any size really classic black and white striped rug. Black and white will meld into anyone's color choices in their home, its classic and on trend too...

There are so many places that are having last minute sales and most of them are offering free shipping upgrades so that it will arrive before Christmas, gotta love that!

The second idea is a pouf or ottoman, it provides function and style all in one, and with most of them being made of leather they will last for many years to come, so its the gift that keeps on giving! Again I have seen sooo many coupons out there that you could pick up one of these very reasonable priced. This one is my favorite, gold! 

And for the guy, my hubby is a musician, who loves to play video games, so what to give a person like that besides spending a fortune on a new instrument? I wanted to find something that could combine the two of those things together so it would be a hit both ways..and I found this...

A video game that comes with a mic, and cables to hook up your real guitar, so that you are playing your instrument and playing the game too! Genius! Even if they are learning this is a perfect tool to teach too. I wish I could say that I am completely finished with my shopping, but I forgot about the stockings! They get me every year, somehow I forget those! How is your holiday shopping going? Are you "finished"? See you soon!

Thursday, December 12, 2013


Decorating your coffee table for Christmas, it can be challenging for some people and expensive too. My secret is that I hit the thrift stores! You can find some really neat Christmas stuff in an abundance, they are overloaded during this time of year it seams! I knew I wanted sparkles and gold ( I keep my colors down to a 3 color scheme) so I went into the store with those things in mind and picked out just those things, you can easily get distracted with "pretty" stuff and when you get home it looks like you just threw a bunch of stuff together that doesn't necessarily go together. Just try to stay focused.I found two clear round circles that open up so you can put something inside of them,perfect for adding the blue and silver sparkle ornaments, (that I bought at the same thrift store too for 15 cents a piece). I also found two gold turtle doves, and a gold wired Christmas tree..

The deer horns I already had (I painted them here), the tray has been on my coffee table for a couple years already, I put a plant in the tray to add some greenery and wallah, a Christmas coffee table! It only cost me $4 bucks!  

The tray keeps everything all nice and tidy which is a good thing! Do you guys see Mr. Snowman in the background? I have been trying to donate him for the last 3 years but my husband LOVES him..! You press his hand and he sings Christmas songs.. I catch him singing with him all the time..hehe so I guess he is a part of our Christmas family now for good. See you guys soon!

Thursday, December 5, 2013


It's that time of year again! Pulling out boxes of Christmas stuff and seeing what has survived over the last year sitting in boxes that have been squished by other things that somehow got thrown on top of them. So far so good..have only found a couple of broken ornaments..not to bad. I thought I had bought last year after Christmas (ya know when everything is like 75% off) a set of gold deers, I thought I had or I just remember it that way, but I looked in all my Xmas boxes and nope I didn't find them, so I am guessing I just thought I bought them and didn't..booo..well guess what? I was out a thrift store yesterday and guess what I found? A pair of gold deers! The ornamentation around the neck area isn't really my style but I had plans..

I just popped those flowers and ribbon off and I had a clean slate. I wanted something black and white to go around his cute little neck so I dug out some fabric I had left over from my patio pillows I made over the summer and cut two long strips, leaving some black on one side and white on the other.

Then I just wrapped it around the neck and tied it in a bow. So much better! I did the same for the other deer but left a little more black on the fabric than white.

I don't have a mantel that I can hang stockings from or decorate with pretty garland, so the closest thing I have is my t.v. console, which is right next to my Christmas tree so I figured that it was the most appropriate thing to use for these purposes. So my new to me little golden deers new home for this season are here right above the stockings, along with two little golden turtle doves I also found at the same thrift store. One day I will have a real fireplace and mantel but for now this works! 

I hope to find some garland this weekend to put up here too, it needs some greenery! Here is a little table my little one put together with his favorite Mr. Nutcracker..

How's your holiday decorating going? Did most of your stuff make it through the year without getting broken? See you soon!

Monday, December 2, 2013


Hi! Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I have been seeing this fabric called  Shumacher Chiang Mai Dragon everywhere for a while now and while browsing online I found a website that you could order a fabric sample of this fabric for $5.00 with free shipping, so I decided I wanted to see what all the rage was and still is over this fabric and ordered me up a sample in the alabaster color. The website said "Our swatch is a memo sample ranging from 4 " x 6" to 12" x 18" in size", so I figured even if it was a small sample I could still get a feel for the fabric. Well my not so small sample arrived about a week later, and when I opened up the package I was so dang darn happy! This was a huge sample! The colors are so vivid and its pure linen to boot!

So guess what I am gonna do with my sample?? Any guesses?? If you know me, you know I am a pillow hoarding freak of nature, so yes, surprise a pillow! I have to get my Christmas stuff up first, I am in the middle of doing that but, after that its a pillow making time! I threw it over an 18x18 pillow I have to just give an idea of what it would look like, LOVE!

Are you a fan of this fabric? See you guys soon!