Monday, December 2, 2013


Hi! Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I have been seeing this fabric called  Shumacher Chiang Mai Dragon everywhere for a while now and while browsing online I found a website that you could order a fabric sample of this fabric for $5.00 with free shipping, so I decided I wanted to see what all the rage was and still is over this fabric and ordered me up a sample in the alabaster color. The website said "Our swatch is a memo sample ranging from 4 " x 6" to 12" x 18" in size", so I figured even if it was a small sample I could still get a feel for the fabric. Well my not so small sample arrived about a week later, and when I opened up the package I was so dang darn happy! This was a huge sample! The colors are so vivid and its pure linen to boot!

So guess what I am gonna do with my sample?? Any guesses?? If you know me, you know I am a pillow hoarding freak of nature, so yes, surprise a pillow! I have to get my Christmas stuff up first, I am in the middle of doing that but, after that its a pillow making time! I threw it over an 18x18 pillow I have to just give an idea of what it would look like, LOVE!

Are you a fan of this fabric? See you guys soon!

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