Thursday, December 12, 2013


Decorating your coffee table for Christmas, it can be challenging for some people and expensive too. My secret is that I hit the thrift stores! You can find some really neat Christmas stuff in an abundance, they are overloaded during this time of year it seams! I knew I wanted sparkles and gold ( I keep my colors down to a 3 color scheme) so I went into the store with those things in mind and picked out just those things, you can easily get distracted with "pretty" stuff and when you get home it looks like you just threw a bunch of stuff together that doesn't necessarily go together. Just try to stay focused.I found two clear round circles that open up so you can put something inside of them,perfect for adding the blue and silver sparkle ornaments, (that I bought at the same thrift store too for 15 cents a piece). I also found two gold turtle doves, and a gold wired Christmas tree..

The deer horns I already had (I painted them here), the tray has been on my coffee table for a couple years already, I put a plant in the tray to add some greenery and wallah, a Christmas coffee table! It only cost me $4 bucks!  

The tray keeps everything all nice and tidy which is a good thing! Do you guys see Mr. Snowman in the background? I have been trying to donate him for the last 3 years but my husband LOVES him..! You press his hand and he sings Christmas songs.. I catch him singing with him all the time..hehe so I guess he is a part of our Christmas family now for good. See you guys soon!

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