Thursday, December 5, 2013


It's that time of year again! Pulling out boxes of Christmas stuff and seeing what has survived over the last year sitting in boxes that have been squished by other things that somehow got thrown on top of them. So far so good..have only found a couple of broken ornaments..not to bad. I thought I had bought last year after Christmas (ya know when everything is like 75% off) a set of gold deers, I thought I had or I just remember it that way, but I looked in all my Xmas boxes and nope I didn't find them, so I am guessing I just thought I bought them and didn't..booo..well guess what? I was out a thrift store yesterday and guess what I found? A pair of gold deers! The ornamentation around the neck area isn't really my style but I had plans..

I just popped those flowers and ribbon off and I had a clean slate. I wanted something black and white to go around his cute little neck so I dug out some fabric I had left over from my patio pillows I made over the summer and cut two long strips, leaving some black on one side and white on the other.

Then I just wrapped it around the neck and tied it in a bow. So much better! I did the same for the other deer but left a little more black on the fabric than white.

I don't have a mantel that I can hang stockings from or decorate with pretty garland, so the closest thing I have is my t.v. console, which is right next to my Christmas tree so I figured that it was the most appropriate thing to use for these purposes. So my new to me little golden deers new home for this season are here right above the stockings, along with two little golden turtle doves I also found at the same thrift store. One day I will have a real fireplace and mantel but for now this works! 

I hope to find some garland this weekend to put up here too, it needs some greenery! Here is a little table my little one put together with his favorite Mr. Nutcracker..

How's your holiday decorating going? Did most of your stuff make it through the year without getting broken? See you soon!

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