Thursday, January 31, 2013

Chevron Pillow Talk

I'm sure you have heard the saying "the crazy cat lady" you know the lady who has a million cats running all over her house.. Well I am the "crazy pillow lady"... Thank goodness my pillows aren't hairy(well I do have a couple, not real hair btw) cuz It would be  a scary  hairy mess.. In my very first blog post I showed you guys what I got in the mail, this super cool fabric, well I have still yet to find the time (maybe this weekend) to make pillows but I did manage to make a quick pillow last night. The very first chevron print I have added to my pillow hoard. 

I have found myself liking high contrast things lately, ( I always have but its in full swing lately) So I picked up some of this fabric found  HERE. Its called black and white zippy by premier prints. Its super cheap and it makes a huge statement.

And just for fun here it is with my Target pillow more about that here.

 Am I the only "crazy pillow lady" probably not..?? Let me know if you like  high contrast  or do you hoard pillows too?

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

DIY Bird Wall Art

Hey Hey Folks!

I have seen a lot of really awesome diy wall art on the net, and decided to give it a try myself recently. I wanted something with color particularly turquoise and coral or hot pink. Two of my favorite colors. I am a fan of nature so this is what I came up with...

Sorry For These Super Fuzzy Pics I Need To Get A Better Camera For Sure!

 I went to the dollar store and grabbed a poster board I think you can get 2 for a buck. Measured the inside of my frame and cut the poster board to the same size. Got my pencil  out and just went for it.
Its best if you sketch super lightly so If you make any mistakes you can erase it without seeing what you erased.

Does anyone  remember the Ace Hardware commercials with the purple painted guy?? Well Ace was giving away free quarts of  Clark and Kensington paint for a few weekends and I couldn't miss a free bee so I scored a couple of colors. These two colors..

  The paint was a flat paint with a built in primer so this would work just fine for this.The black and green colors were just some acrylic paint I had laying around.  I sketched my birds and chose a small artist paint brush and painted away..super easy. I got my frames from Micheal's Arts and Crafts if anyone wants to know.  Hope you enjoy your day..

I found the picture of the actual sketch before it was painted..

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Target's Modern Cottage Line and a Discount

I was at my local Target store over the weekend to pick up some necessity's and walked by the home decor section and this caught my eye...

 Its one of their new home decor collections called modern cottage.I loved everything I saw!

I really liked this cute little table but it was I thought hmm wonder if they will give me a discount since it is damaged?? I asked the manager and he said sure we can do that, so in the end I got it for $23.00, and originally it was $69.99. So just a heads up don't be afraid to ask  for a discount if something is damaged or stained even if it is a store like target. They almost always will.  A little
glue and some elbow grease and this little table will be all better.

Well I didn't stop at just the table, The prices are very reasonable (that's what I told myself when I was adding stuff to my cart) this is what I came home with...I love it all, I am in the process of finding the right spot for them. Has anyone else scored some stuff from the target collection, or has anyone else had luck with asking for a discount on damaged items? I would love to hear from you!

Monday, January 28, 2013

X Leg Desk And Office Space

Happy Monday Everyone, I"m having a little bit of a Manic Monday...I am so new at this blogging stuff, so bear with me as I am trying to learn how to make my blog look professional such as adding links, creating more pages and buttons the list go on and on.

Since I am officially a "blogger" now I have learned that I need a designated space for myself, an office space if you will. I don't have any extra rooms to make an official office, so I have been trying to come up with another option. And this is what I came up with...A desk behind my sofa like this..

So the next step was to find a desk that would be stylish cuz it was gonna be right smack in the middle of the living room, and also one that had some storage  and had a large enough work space.And I think I found the perfect one...

It is called Wildon Home Bicknell Writing desk found at Its on the expensive side, but I plan on using it for a while. Now all I have to do is convince my Hubby that I really need it..Wish me luck, Hope everyone has a great day, I have to get back to work and try to progress on my blog setup, Happy Monday!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Chinese Chippendale Craiglist Find

Here Is My Latest And So Far One Of My Greatest Craigslist Finds:

I was browsing through  the furniture section on my local Craigslist the other day when I stumbled upon this...I could'nt believe my eyes..could it be.. a vintage Wrought Iron Chinese Chippendale Set??
It is, it is!! And the price was even more unbelievable... $25.00 For the whole set!

You can bet I was like a bolt of lighting headed for the phone. I thought "oh it's gotta be sold already" but I had my fingers crossed and yippy  It wasn't sold. I bolted over to the kind lady's house and picked it up.  And even better it was just right down the street so no driving for an hour thats always nice.  I plan on sand blasting the whole set and repainting them, not sure what color. When I am finished I will post the before and after stay tuned. What is your recent Craigslist score? I would love to hear from you!


Hi everyone, its a beautiful Saturday morning here in California, a little cold but sunny!

I know our area has been hit with this nasty flu bug lots of little ones are getting high fevers, congestion, and even the pukes...oh what fun..not... I was reading one of my favorite blogs Hi Sugarplum and she too is blogging about those pesky germs.

Well have no fear Clorox to the rescue. I use these handy dandy wipes ALL the time with two boys..enough said right? These baby's kill 99.9 percent of the germs that cause the cold and flu. I use them on the door knobs, computer keyboards, toilet handles, counter tops, fridge handles, counter tops, pretty much any hard surface these guys can be used on.

Mrs. Sugarplum  has a giveaway happening right now for a  $1,000.00 gift card. So make sure you stop by and check her out.

Hope everyone one has a GREAT weekend, let me know if your a germaphobe too??

I am receiving a sweepstakes entry in exchange for writing this blog post.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Chandalier Love

                                                        Troy Lighting Sausalito Love

I have been admiring Troy Lighting Sausalito five light drum chandelier for quite some time now but not the price tag that comes with it.Isn't she a beaut??

 Well I was visiting Joss and Main, (here is the link to their site)  which is this wonderful flash sale site that has several sales everyday full of beautiful decor at a HUGE discount. I clicked on the lighting sale and I seen this...Its called Canarm Monica 3 light chandelier. It looks ALOT like the Sausalito chandelier, but the price was only $95.00!


It is very large in size too at 17.5" high and 20.5" wide. I hurried and put this baby in my cart and bought it.The only thing I wasn't fond of was the finish. It was an oil rubbed bronze and I wanted a silvery gold like the sausallito chandelier.

 So I went to my local craft store and picked some of this...

Rub and buff One in silver Leaf and one in Gold Leaf.The two of them cost me $6 bucks.

The chandelier came with clear plastic wrap around the shade so no worries about getting the rub and buff all over the shade so  this is easy peazy..( By the way if you want to do this to a fixture and you need to protect the shade just wrap your shade in plastic wrap ya know the kind you wrap food in works great.)
I got a plain ole paper plate and put a glob of silver and a glob of gold and dipped my finger into both  just started rubbing it on. It was super easy and took me about 1 hour from start to finish..and here is what it looks like after the rub and buff..pretty close to the Sausalito Chandelier with a much more affordable price tag!

Here is what it looked like after I used the rubb and buff:

 So Much Better I think, Hope You Enjoy Your Weekend!!( Sorry about the fuzzy pictures next I need to get me a new camera)

Thursday, January 24, 2013

From Trash To Treasure

I scored this bench for $2.00 so I thought it was worth the "risk". I took it home Got out my TSP (a super heavy duty cleaner) you can get at any hardware store or home improvement store. Washed her up and got out my 120 grit sand paper, scruffed her up well,making sure to get into all the cracks and stuff. I bought some rustoleum Bright white in gloss spray paint and started spraying her. A little tip for spray painting, keep your arm amoving. You dont want to spray too much in one spot or get too close cuz then your gonna get a runner, runners are a keep that arm amoving. After I was done painting her I let her dry in the sun for about 3 hours.
The top of the bench (sorry didnt take a pic of that) was in good shape. It was just a piece of plain old plywood.  I had some left over foam from another project that I just wrapped around the board and stapled it on the underside.
 I ordered some fabric from in this super cool trellis pattern, its called Richloom Solarium Outdoor Kirkwood in  Admiral. It was really inexpensive at $8.98 a yard. I dry fit my fabric to the top making sure the pattern was some what even, cut it and again just wrapped the fabric aroundand stapled to the underside
 And here she is all finished, isn't she cute?  I think so...My From Trash To Treasure

Project Breakdown:

Bench: $2.00

Fabric: $8.95

TSP: Already Had 

Sandpaper: $.49

Spray Paint: $3.69

Foam: Already Had

Total: $15.13

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What I Got In The Mail Today

I was so exited for the mail to come today!! I ordered some fabric from Ebay, I am a BIG ebayer.. Its called Windsor Smith Riad From Kravet. Ive been looking for a little black and white fabric to add to my Enormous Pillow collection. Here she is in all her glory...I will be making some pillows for my sofa soon check back soon for the reveal!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Hi Everyone! My name is Jeanna and this is the start to what I hope to be a long lived blogging adventure! I am like a newborn Baby with this blogging stuff so I hope you guys can bear with me. I have lots of things to share. Many, many diy prodjects,design ideas and so on. So wish me luck cuz here I go....