Thursday, January 24, 2013

From Trash To Treasure

I scored this bench for $2.00 so I thought it was worth the "risk". I took it home Got out my TSP (a super heavy duty cleaner) you can get at any hardware store or home improvement store. Washed her up and got out my 120 grit sand paper, scruffed her up well,making sure to get into all the cracks and stuff. I bought some rustoleum Bright white in gloss spray paint and started spraying her. A little tip for spray painting, keep your arm amoving. You dont want to spray too much in one spot or get too close cuz then your gonna get a runner, runners are a keep that arm amoving. After I was done painting her I let her dry in the sun for about 3 hours.
The top of the bench (sorry didnt take a pic of that) was in good shape. It was just a piece of plain old plywood.  I had some left over foam from another project that I just wrapped around the board and stapled it on the underside.
 I ordered some fabric from in this super cool trellis pattern, its called Richloom Solarium Outdoor Kirkwood in  Admiral. It was really inexpensive at $8.98 a yard. I dry fit my fabric to the top making sure the pattern was some what even, cut it and again just wrapped the fabric aroundand stapled to the underside
 And here she is all finished, isn't she cute?  I think so...My From Trash To Treasure

Project Breakdown:

Bench: $2.00

Fabric: $8.95

TSP: Already Had 

Sandpaper: $.49

Spray Paint: $3.69

Foam: Already Had

Total: $15.13

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  1. This is a very cute bench- great job! And inspiring to me because I dragged a similar piece home not long ago- a street find! My husband took one look and said, "Not again..." But I'll transform it like you and that'll teach him!


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