Thursday, January 31, 2013

Chevron Pillow Talk

I'm sure you have heard the saying "the crazy cat lady" you know the lady who has a million cats running all over her house.. Well I am the "crazy pillow lady"... Thank goodness my pillows aren't hairy(well I do have a couple, not real hair btw) cuz It would be  a scary  hairy mess.. In my very first blog post I showed you guys what I got in the mail, this super cool fabric, well I have still yet to find the time (maybe this weekend) to make pillows but I did manage to make a quick pillow last night. The very first chevron print I have added to my pillow hoard. 

I have found myself liking high contrast things lately, ( I always have but its in full swing lately) So I picked up some of this fabric found  HERE. Its called black and white zippy by premier prints. Its super cheap and it makes a huge statement.

And just for fun here it is with my Target pillow more about that here.

 Am I the only "crazy pillow lady" probably not..?? Let me know if you like  high contrast  or do you hoard pillows too?


  1. Found you from Kelly's blog! Congratulations on your new blog! I love that pillow!


  2. Thanks So Much! I really appreciate your Comment!!

  3. Oh no, I'm a crazy pillow lady too! Love these pillows, thanks for the fabric link! Welcome to blogging!!!

  4. Oh Good I'm glad I am not alone! Thanks so much, I am having lots of fun so far..Your welcome!
    Love your blog!!


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