Thursday, August 29, 2013


I was in my local Shermin Williams store this weekend (never been before) and I was looking around and noticed they have a huge wallpaper section in the back. I know what you might be thinking...wallpaper, yuck that's so 80's!(Cue Duran, Duran Songs Please) Well let me tell you wallpaper in my opinion has come A LONG way! Remember in the 80's the wallpaper looked like someone literally took a giant stamper and just stamped the design onto a thin giant cheap piece of paper? Not attractive. I Lived in several houses as a kid that had those ugly wallpapered walls,but I decided to give it a chance, so I picked up a couple of wallpaper sample books at this Shermin Williams trip and took them home. (They let you take them home for a week) I starting browsing through the HGTV wallpaper collection and loved almost everything!

I found so many awesome samples in here! I personally love the grass cloth wallpaper collection.

Aren't they just gorgeous? My Favorites are the top two in the first photo, the HGTV Coastal Cool collection. They have this almost metallic sheen to them. LOVE! Here are a few more that I really liked:

So much texture, and the bottom one again is metallic and almost has a reflectiveness to it. If you like bold pattern in a neutral pallet this one was nice too:

I seem to be drawn to these textural, not too colorful ones . I think a nice neutral wall is a great starting point for design. I like to let my accessories and pillows be the color in a room. I do have something up my sleeve I will let you guys know what it is soon! Anyone else rethinking wallpaper? Think I am gonna go listen to some 80's music now (Here I come Debbie Gibson) hehe..

Monday, August 26, 2013


Happy Monday! Today is the first day of school for us here in California! I am glad to get things back to normal around here...Anyways, another awesome thing to report is.... we finally have a T.J. Max in my neck of the woods! I LOVE this store and always try and go when we are out of town but I dont have to do that anymore! The grand opening was Sunday morning at 8am, I got there at about 9 am. The store was packed, I mean like sardine packed! So many people (mostly woman) I did manage to fight my way through the store a little, guess what I bought? If you follow me you know I am a pillow hoarder! So pillows it was, I love their prices, two pillows for $19.99, and they are 20x20 sized to boot. It was a fight to get these guys, I got the last 2!  They are a beautiful Ikat print, one is dark blue, light blue, with a white backround, and the other is this yummy light grey and light blue on a white backround. LOVE! Here is what I did with them (I am running out of room for all these pillows) I think I need Pillows anonymous...I put them in my dining room chairs, I think they look great, they add nice color and pattern to a neutral chair.

Sorry about my photos, I am taking a class soon on photography and hopefully getting a new camera. I am still using my I phone 5 for photos, I know ,I know bad blogger move! Well until next time, have a great day!!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Happy Wednesday!
 My posts have been a little off lately, don't know why they aren't posting when I want them to but hopefully I figure that out. Anywho, I wanted to show you guys one of my painting projects completed (well still need to add a clear coat) . Remember the Asian like stool thingy is what I called it? I decided to paint it turquoise! I had some paint from one of my freebie trips to Ace, Ace was giving out free quarts of the Clark and Kensington paint a couple weekends ago. Love it when they do that! I picked out this color and put it in my airbrush sprayer and painted away. The free stuff only comes in flat, so that's why I need to add a coat of clear coat. Wanna See? 

It is perfect for sitting next to the sofa for holding a drink  or maybe the remote. LOVE the color it turned out.  Here is the before again..

And The After...


Anyone else painting? Have a GREAT Day! See you soon!

Monday, August 19, 2013


Its that time of year again, school starts here in one week and I have been looking for affordable school cloths, scoring the stores and online.This is what I have found so far...

Old Navy has some really good deals right now, everything is 30% off, Gap is 40% off with free shipping if you spend over $50.00. They are also doing a Super Cash Reward. If you spend $25.00 you earn $10.00. Pretty cool, I think. These jeans were only $10 bucks! The shirts were $6-11 bucks! Most importantly my son thinks they are cool, that's all that matters, double score for me! Just wanted to let you in on the savings, I know kids are expensive, have a great day!

Thursday, August 15, 2013


Can we go thrift shopping? What, What, What, What....
Bada, badada, badada, bada
I'm gonna pop some tags
Only got twenty dollars in my pocket...

Love that song, it is so me, thrift store addict :)

Wanna see my latest thrift store shopping finds??
Sure ya do!

My mother in law is in town visiting for a week and it wouldn't  be any fun if we didn't go thrift shopping right?  We did just that, check out what we found...

Awesome Hollywood Regency coffee table! This sucker was huge! It needed a lot of work, but has so much potential. A little paint and this would be fab.

Adorable mid-century modern arm chairs. You cant really tell by the photos but they are tufted in the back, and the fabric looks like linen. So Yummy!

This is something that I want sooo bad! Isn't it gorgeous?  I found this one on Craigslist, it is a long drive to the thrift store its located at (3 hour drive one way) and you must have a large truck to haul this baby. Oh, how I wish....

Thrift store shopping is one of my secrets to finding such cool furniture, so do be afraid to go inside a thrift shop, because you just never know whats waiting for you inside!

I have been enjoying my family and visiting with my awesome mother in law this week so I haven't really been on the blogging thing, but I will be back next week! See you then!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Hi! Had a little update to share with you this morning! Remember the agates that I had framed in my living room? Well when I seen these pink agates at Target I talked about HERE, I had to do a switcharoo! I like these in here a lot better, I am adding little pink details slowly (pink is my new fav. color)! Wanna see? Sure you do...

 LOVE these! Still working on the painting project, so hopefully I will be able to show you the end result soon!  Have a great day!

Monday, August 12, 2013


Hi Everyone!! I had such a great week hanging out with the family, my mother in law was here visiting and the hubby was on vacation, (me too). I really needed it, I was in need of a re-boot, but the fun is over and its time to focus on back to school shopping and getting the sleeping pattern back to normal for the boys, no more staying up late and sleeping till noon. Summer has just flown by!

I have a little painting project planned for today! Ace was having free paint day on Saturday, a free quart of Clark and Kensington  paint in any color! Free + Paint--- I'm gonna be there! I really like this paint, it has primer built right into it so no need for a two step painting process. Just give it a sanding and paint away. Easy Peasy.

I picked up a couple of things while out with the mom in law this last weekend, a really cool bamboo magazine rack, and this awesome Asian table stand thingy.

You cant tell by the photo that this black table thingy is really faded. It looks like its hand painted but has gotten a lot of use. So I am gonna paint it (of course I am). 

I am thinking turquoise or coral???

This magazine rack is pretty awesome, but really dirty. It has dust and dirt way down in the middles of the rattan straps holding it together. I am gonna clean it as best as I can and also give this one a paint job.

I would have really liked to keep this one natural but I think it has seen better days :(
As for the color I am not sure yet...I am just gonna go with the flow and see what happens.

I will be back with the results soon! Have a great day!!