Monday, August 26, 2013


Happy Monday! Today is the first day of school for us here in California! I am glad to get things back to normal around here...Anyways, another awesome thing to report is.... we finally have a T.J. Max in my neck of the woods! I LOVE this store and always try and go when we are out of town but I dont have to do that anymore! The grand opening was Sunday morning at 8am, I got there at about 9 am. The store was packed, I mean like sardine packed! So many people (mostly woman) I did manage to fight my way through the store a little, guess what I bought? If you follow me you know I am a pillow hoarder! So pillows it was, I love their prices, two pillows for $19.99, and they are 20x20 sized to boot. It was a fight to get these guys, I got the last 2!  They are a beautiful Ikat print, one is dark blue, light blue, with a white backround, and the other is this yummy light grey and light blue on a white backround. LOVE! Here is what I did with them (I am running out of room for all these pillows) I think I need Pillows anonymous...I put them in my dining room chairs, I think they look great, they add nice color and pattern to a neutral chair.

Sorry about my photos, I am taking a class soon on photography and hopefully getting a new camera. I am still using my I phone 5 for photos, I know ,I know bad blogger move! Well until next time, have a great day!!

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