Monday, August 12, 2013


Hi Everyone!! I had such a great week hanging out with the family, my mother in law was here visiting and the hubby was on vacation, (me too). I really needed it, I was in need of a re-boot, but the fun is over and its time to focus on back to school shopping and getting the sleeping pattern back to normal for the boys, no more staying up late and sleeping till noon. Summer has just flown by!

I have a little painting project planned for today! Ace was having free paint day on Saturday, a free quart of Clark and Kensington  paint in any color! Free + Paint--- I'm gonna be there! I really like this paint, it has primer built right into it so no need for a two step painting process. Just give it a sanding and paint away. Easy Peasy.

I picked up a couple of things while out with the mom in law this last weekend, a really cool bamboo magazine rack, and this awesome Asian table stand thingy.

You cant tell by the photo that this black table thingy is really faded. It looks like its hand painted but has gotten a lot of use. So I am gonna paint it (of course I am). 

I am thinking turquoise or coral???

This magazine rack is pretty awesome, but really dirty. It has dust and dirt way down in the middles of the rattan straps holding it together. I am gonna clean it as best as I can and also give this one a paint job.

I would have really liked to keep this one natural but I think it has seen better days :(
As for the color I am not sure yet...I am just gonna go with the flow and see what happens.

I will be back with the results soon! Have a great day!!

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