Thursday, August 29, 2013


I was in my local Shermin Williams store this weekend (never been before) and I was looking around and noticed they have a huge wallpaper section in the back. I know what you might be thinking...wallpaper, yuck that's so 80's!(Cue Duran, Duran Songs Please) Well let me tell you wallpaper in my opinion has come A LONG way! Remember in the 80's the wallpaper looked like someone literally took a giant stamper and just stamped the design onto a thin giant cheap piece of paper? Not attractive. I Lived in several houses as a kid that had those ugly wallpapered walls,but I decided to give it a chance, so I picked up a couple of wallpaper sample books at this Shermin Williams trip and took them home. (They let you take them home for a week) I starting browsing through the HGTV wallpaper collection and loved almost everything!

I found so many awesome samples in here! I personally love the grass cloth wallpaper collection.

Aren't they just gorgeous? My Favorites are the top two in the first photo, the HGTV Coastal Cool collection. They have this almost metallic sheen to them. LOVE! Here are a few more that I really liked:

So much texture, and the bottom one again is metallic and almost has a reflectiveness to it. If you like bold pattern in a neutral pallet this one was nice too:

I seem to be drawn to these textural, not too colorful ones . I think a nice neutral wall is a great starting point for design. I like to let my accessories and pillows be the color in a room. I do have something up my sleeve I will let you guys know what it is soon! Anyone else rethinking wallpaper? Think I am gonna go listen to some 80's music now (Here I come Debbie Gibson) hehe..

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