Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Hope you had a great holiday weekend everyone! It has been SUPER hot here in California this last couple of weeks, so we played in the water this weekend just to keep cool!

Remember when I posted about thrift store shopping with my mother in law about a month ago?
I posted some pictures of our finds and I didn't tell you guys that I actually purchased the two chairs I talked about. I know sneaky me...I just couldn't help myself, the excuses I come up with to justify some of my erratic purchases, my hubby has heard them all I am sure! I will be selling the other chairs I had in the living room, so I guess that makes it ok, right? Here is where I put them..

Remember the Asian stool table thingy I called it? I painted it this yummy turquoise color and its new home is right in between these two chairs, Its the perfect scale for this here spot.I am going to be switching out the curtains in this room too, I have been fabric shopping, think I am gonna make my own. Now I just need to really buckle down and save some money to buy a good camera! I have been saying this forever, but its time! Am I the only one who is obsessed with chairs and switching furniture around, and not buying things you "need"? I gotta work on that...

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