Friday, September 6, 2013


I  have posted about wanting a new couch a couple of times so this is no surprise, yep I still want new couches and I cant forget that I want them because of this,  I get a TON of emails from furniture websites, along with a lot of other stores, but the furniture ones always get me!  When it says in the email title SALE, 10-20% off, hurry only a few days left...they get me almost every single time.(Am I the only one?) I click that read button...This usually happens when I am waiting in the car for my son to get out of school trying to pass a little time, I get out my cell and start checking emails. I got an email from overstock about, you guessed it,surprise, a furniture sale! I opened it up and starting browsing the sofa sets and totally fell in LOVE with this set in particular...


Nail heads and creamy lush fabric! GORGEOUS! There is only one set left in stock...bummer, I definitely don't have the cash for this at the moment...hopefully it is something they will restock. It will take me a WHILE to save for this, at $1699.00, but shipping would be free!

Here is another set that I thought was nice too..

LOVE the button tufted back cushions, both of these sets got high ratings for comfort, durability and appearance. This set is also $1699.00, must be the magic number here. A girl can dream though, right? Anyone else pretend shopping for new furniture, did those emails get you too?  Have a great weekend!

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