Monday, September 9, 2013


Let me just start by saying I am in LOVE with this product! This is totally off topic of my typical DIY home decorating posts but I just couldn't help myself. I hardly ever paint my nails because I am ALWAYS doing projects, dishes, laundry and so many other things with my hands, so nail polish NEVER stays on for more than a day or two. Really a day or two that's it, until now! I was browsing through Rite-Aid in their clearance section and ran into these..

 I read the box where it says lasts up to 10 days, no drying time, easy application.I thought 10 days for me yea right. The price was $2.00, down from $9.99, since they were cheap I thought I will give them a try,what the heck. I got home followed the directions which is just peel stick,then file, super easy, and it took me about 15 minutes to apply the strips on both hands. I added a top coat for added protection which is something I would normally do even when using regular polish. Here are my nails after 9 days:

Still going strong! Seriously not a chip in sight! This after dishes, baths, banging my fingers doing projects, you name it. My nails usually look like I'm a mechanic that works on cars all day or something, I use my hands A LOT. I'm totally hooked now! I think they will last probably another 10 days. I can have pretty nails with no worries and I didn't pay a fortune for them at a nail salon. Aren't these a fun pattern too? They have so many patterns to choose from its crazy. Just wanted to let my fellow D.I.Y. bloggers and moms out there know about this product, because it really delivers what it says. I wasn't paid for this post, this is just something I discovered that really works! Anyone have any other nail products you know works? Have a great day!

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