Monday, September 16, 2013


Hey there!! I did some switching out of wall art over the weekend, and the best part of all it was free! I have had these pictures saved on my computer of these gold leafed birds in black bamboo frames for a couple of years now, while cleaning up my photos I ran into them again.



On a whim I decided to make my own, well I tried, they aren't as shiny as these but that's OK with me.
Here is how it did it:
First I needed some thick cardboard, so I looked around the house and found an empty hot pocket box..hey whatever works right? :) Don't be jealous of my luxury items..

I cut the box down so that I could get two pieces around the same size and just free handed the drawing of the birds.

Next I just cut them out with some scissors, and used gold rub and buff applied with a q-tip.

I let them dry for about 15 minutes then used two pieces of card stock flipped the paper over to the white back and taped the birds down. Again don't be jealous, simple is my thing, works for me. Maybe later I might use some linen or something like that, the super white back round makes the mats look dingy.

That's it, easy and free!

 These pictures retail for $287.00 a piece, wow! I say make your own, right? Oh and by the way,
 I switched out my lamps too! I have had  these lamps in the garage way too long! They don't match perfectly but again that's OK with me.. Maybe I will get lucky and find a match for this one..(my favorite of the two) we will see. See you next time!

 I entered remodelaholics link party here, for a feature chance...


  1. I think I have that other lamp you have, too! :)

    Love the bird art idea--and the fact that you used a Hot Pocket box. They turned out great!

  2. Wow! Those turned out darling! I found you over at Remodelaholic and am pinning for later! I am a sucker for bird art ;)

  3. I picked up your blog from comments made on another blog. I'm so impressed with your birds - they look perfect in your living room.


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