Thursday, September 19, 2013


I have been wanted to do THIS project ever since I seen it, I LOVE it, I Heart it, I wanna Marry it...:) It combines two things that I think are my favorite aspects in design, (texture and metal) . So when you put the two together...ahh there is no words for how much I like it, and this girl is super talented and creative, love all of her stuff, you have to check her blog out.

I got my main supplies already, now to just figure out if I wanna cut this beautiful, gorgeous wallpaper to make it fit on something that I ALREADY HAVE or build to accommodate the size of the wallpaper?? I would have to cut off about 10 inches of the paper if I choose to use what I already have. I am leaning to the more grass cloth the better, my hubbsters might just be a little busy this weekend..or I may just be inpatient and use what I got. Having a hard time deciding, what do you guys think? More grass cloth (building new) or use existing (less grass cloth)?

Have a great day!!

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