Thursday, September 12, 2013


A few towns away every year there is a big event that I look forward to, a town wide yard sale! Actually in another near by town last weekend they also had a town wide yard sale too, but was unable to go. 

I did manage to go to the first one and ran into a lady who had some pretty neat things and her prices were unreal, so cheap! She had a large yard with a few trees near the front of her house that were kinda away from where she had her sale set up.I noticed that leaning up against this tree these were barely visible, but I have hawk eyes for cool stuff hehe, not really but I asked her if these where for sale? She said "yes they are you are the first person who has noticed them, under the tree is the only spot I had to lean them up against". 

I thought awesome its my lucky day! I then asked her how much she wanted for them and when she said $5.00 for both of them, I almost passed out... not really but that's how exiting it was.I whipped out a $5 and said SOLD! 

Here is the front, she said her grandmother owned them for a long time and that they were really old, this woman was probably in her 60's so that gave me an idea of how old they probably are. She also said that these were real silk paper, awesome! The back is different:

This side is a gold metallic with sort of a leaf or vine like print...


These are pretty massive in size and am not sure what I am going to do with them, or if I even think that they match my decor, but I just couldn't stop myself from buying them. I have tried to do a little research on them but have found notta. Has anyone ever seen anything similar?

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