Monday, September 23, 2013


Its almost that time again! Heading out of town for a San Fransisco Appointment soon, so that means, you guessed it, Ikea here I come! I know, I know most people (including my husband) aren't very exited about walking around a giant store, dodging a million people looking at house stuff, but I do! I dont go every time we are there but this time I HAVE to go...because.... I found out Ikea has fiddle leaf fig trees! And they are only $12.99!! Woot woot! I have priced these here locally and they want $75.00 for the same size plants. See thats why I love you Ikea, you are so nice to my pocket!

If I kill it, It wont be a huge blow to my wallet, so I am gonna give it a try.Wish me luck!

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