Friday, September 27, 2013


I don't know about you but I have a TON of books lying around, most of them not being so attractive to look at. Not attractive enough to have on "display" that is. Easy fix! I just cover those baby's up! You know back in school when you had to cover your text books? My friends and I would always make our own covers and decorate them with stickers, beads, and the I love _________?? Who ever we had a "thing" for at the moment. Those were the days.. .this is the same concept.

I use wrapping paper, wall paper, card stock, you name it to cover books, even fabric. This is a great way to have you books handy for reading and also have them match your decor (look pretty). Its fast and easy to change these baby's out too. If you ever covered your own text books in school you can do this! If you don't know how here is a link to a VIDEO. Here are few of mine so you get the idea..

Most of these covers are card stock and wrapping paper. Super easy, and makes a HUGE difference. Well just thought I would share a trick on books, hope everyone has a great weekend! I am off on a long road trip, here is to hoping there is nobody in the backseat getting car sick..

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