Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Happy Hump Day Wednesday! Every time I think of Wednesday I think of the commercial on T.V. where the camel says "what day is it"? Hump Day..I don't know why but I laugh at it every time.

Our trip to San Fransisco was a success! Not in the way I thought it was going to be. You see I have been on a mission to find a fiddle leaf fig tree for about 2 years now, and found out that Ikea is now selling these baby's, and for super cheap too. I went to Ikea (the first one) with high hopes of getting one until I noticed how many people were in the store ( a TON) and had a premonition that there was no way that there was gonna be any fiddle's left, and guess what? I was right...not a one in sight! I spoke to a guy who worked in the plant department and he said as fast as they come in, they sell out...darn it!! So guys I just left, walked away so disappointed pouting like a child, I know it was an ugly site. My hubby tried to cheer me up by telling me that he would drive me to the next Ikea and we would check there. I pepped up a little and was hopeful again, only to be disappointed once more...this Ikea was sold out too....I told myself just enjoy being here its not like you get to come all the time, snap out of it! I sucked it up, picked my lip off the floor and starting looking at the other plants thinking that I didn't want this trip to be a waste again and found one plant I really liked, this guy...

Isn't he cute? They had these baskets next to the plants that didn't quite fit them properly, but I had to get one. I also noticed these awesome large basket pots that had black handles and a black rim, I had to get one of these too, because I was determined to put a fiddle leaf in it..

Our San Fransisco trip was over and we were headed home and something told me to call Home Depot to see if they had any Fiddle Leaf Fig's. We were close to a Home Depot according to my google map, so I gave it a try and called. A nice lady answered the call in the plant department and I asked her if they had a ficus lyrata (the official name) she put me on hold for a minute, which seemed to take forever because we were close to passing the store, finally she came back to the phone and said "yes we have three of them", I was so exited, I almost peed my pants! I asked her to hold two for me, she said sure no problem, yea! We pulled up to Home Depot and I ran skipped in to grab them! Finally after 2 years I had my Fiddle's! They had some brown spots on the leaves so the sweet lady let me have them for $10.00 a piece! Ha Ikea take that!..Now I am crossing my fingers I don't kill them.

Here is one in the pot I got from Ikea, Love! See the brown spots? I hope its not a fungus or something..

I love the touch of black mixed with the natural fibers, and it got me to thinking about the other plant I picked up at Ikea and its natural basket I got to put it in, how could I make them match? The pot didn't fit into the basket all the way so the brown was sticking out of the top, I could paint it black I thought, or I could use electrical tape! Ya that's it tape it is! Super easy and it will do the job.

I just started at the top and folded over the tape into the rim, and went around two times to cover all the brown, super easy, took me like 2 minutes.

Matching pots now! Well that's the story about the journey of finding my Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees, and making my pots match with electrical tape, I will leave you with some pictures.

If anyone has any tips on caring for these Fiddle Leaf Fig's I would love to pick your brain! Have a great day!

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