Monday, October 28, 2013


Hi Guys! I had a very productive weekend, finally got something done! I was at a thrift shop on Saturday, and ran into this (also came with two matching night stands).

This pic was taken inside the thrift shop, not my idea of decorating the top :) You can kinda see to the right the one of the night stands, sorry I got so exited about the dresser the night stands got neglected. The price I wont even mention, they were a steal! Now did I NEED a new dresser and night stands? No I didn't, but I decided that I would sell my current dresser (which was not very attractive ) just so that I could bring these home with me, which I did in only 30 minutes, thanks Mr. Craig and your list, your a life saver!! So all three of these baby's were essentially free! Cant beat that, right? The night stands I am going to paint and sell (no room for them). We loaded them up in the truck and drove em home!

These were DIRTY! I mean nasty. dirty. gross. I used my T.S.P. and gave everything a good scrub, dried them off and let them sit in the sun for a little to make sure they were good and dry. Before I scrubbed them down I did remove the hardware, scrubbed those too. Now I needed to decide what color I wanted this baby to be...I decided not white, I paint everything white, I wanted to go outside of my comfort zone. I got in the car and went to Ace and looked around at the paint, and decided on a dark navy blue spray paint with gold pulls, I thought that would look good (crossing my fingers I was). I had to force myself to walk out of that store without white.. I didn't get a primer only because the paint said that it would bond to pretty much anything, so we will see how it holds up. I got home and got to spraying..

The color I chose only came in gloss finish (come on spray paint company's give us some more options) ya know! After the dresser was sprayed (3 coats) I sprayed the handles with gold..(3 coats too)

I let the dresser and the handles dry outside as long as I could until it started getting cold outside and foggy (living on the coast side effect). So inside they came. I think I like how it came out, the color is growing on me the more I stared at it when I brought it inside. Then my mind started swirling, I thought do I really want to hide this in my room? I never hang out in my bedroom, its pretty much just there to sleep in and I wanna see this dresser. So I am contemplating using it as my buffet in the dining room and using the piece I have in the dining room as my bedroom dresser..haven't made up my mind yet.. but here is where she is sitting in all her blue and gold glory until I decide..

I am trying not to break out the white and paint her all over again, I am gonna let it meld for a few days. What do you guys think? Blue or white?

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  1. OMG I have a dresser just like this and I am pondering how I want to paint mine. I was an 80s girl and I have seen more gold than I ever want to see so I would use silver just because I suffer from gold burn out. ;-) I am thinking of painting mine an antiqued blue, (a darker turquoise) with a white top. Probably either silver or white pulls. Just can not commit yet. I think yours is great!


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