Thursday, October 10, 2013


Happy Friday! I have had a little set back in my project I shared with you in my last post, well two set backs really. My son and I have both come down with the nasty flu that has been making its rounds in our area, I thought we dodged it as everyone we know has already had it and gotten over it by now. I guess it just took us longer to finally come down with it, fall is here, its that time of year when the weather changes and virus's are born..oh yippie..!  The second set back is that I ran out of nail heads! I ordered 2,000 nail heads and thought for sure that would be enough, but nope thinking I need another 2,000. That's a lot of nail heads and lots of hammering, I have blisters on my hammering hand...oh well they will heal. No Pain No Gain, right?

While being comatose on the couch eating my throat drops I was looking at one of my favorite as of lately color combinations, navy and white. I would love to do a striped hallway in a dark navy and white, like this one. I LOVE the graphic impact, stripes are on my top ten favorite patterns of all times.

Here are a few more navy and white rooms I really dig..

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