Monday, October 7, 2013


I posted a couple of weeks ago about a project that I have been wanting to tackle for several months now, well I FINALLY started it! You know when you have a project in mind and it always sounds so easy when you think about it "oh I just have to do this and that and thats it...that should be easy" I should have learned by now that is NOT the case, for me anyways. That's a lot of that's which equals more work than I anticipate, and more time too. The good news is I did start at least and am on my way which is better than just talking about it. Yey! It's kinda fun too, who am I kidding that's why I do these things in the first place, or maybe I am just crazy, maybe a little of both.. 
This was the first step..

Yep I had to cut my own wood too! Patting myself on the back...

I skipped a bunch of steps (saving that for the final product reveal). Also I am doing this all by my lonesome so it might take awhile but when I am all finished I will show you guys the finished product. I am determined to get this done as fast as I can (insta gratification kind of girl).Wish me luck!

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