Hi! I'm Jeanna and I am a huge fan of so many bloggers, which inspired me to do the same.
I love design and try to make it fun and easy, Life is hard enough so why make design hard too? It doesn't have to be. My motto is have fun, and keep it budget friendly. A can of spray paint and an idea can transform anything.

 I am a working mom of two boys  so spare time is hard to come by.  That's why I strive to make designing affordable and attainable for the everyday person who wants to spruce up their home.
I Hope you will follow me on my blogging journey.
You can follow me by subscribing by email that is located at the right upper corner of my blog.
I love answering your questions so email me anytime. 
Thanks for visiting me, I hope this is a place that you will visit for a long time to come!
                           Jeanna S.

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