Tuesday, May 6, 2014


I have always loved the look of bamboo blinds with curtains in magazines and other blogs but never pulled the trigger on buying my own, not sure why I haven't before, maybe its that I don't have a Lowe's or a Home Depot any where near me and its seems most people buy from these two places.

I am a visual person and sometimes buying online, colors and other details are different online (computer screen I should say) verses when you get them in front of you. Like in my last POST. So maybe that's why it has taken so long.

Sometimes I just go for it and if I don't like it or its different than the picture I usually just return it unless its a huge item and its way too much hassle, and I like to buy from sites that have a return policy, that can make or brake a sale for me. But back to the blinds..

I knew I wanted tortoise shell bamboo blinds with the bamboo slats being chunky and not those itty bitty little sticks, and I wanted them to be on the lighter color side, didn't want the espresso color, I was looking for more of a "natural" color.

 I went on an online hunt for the absolute cheapest but what I wanted blinds, and I did find exactly what I was looking for this time! Well almost. I have a huge sliding door in my living room that is 105 inches wide and I think 85 inches tall. That makes it impossible to find one humungous blind to fit my humungous "window" door. So my solution was two blinds hung together, I have seen a lot of that happening and I was fine with that. The problem was that the blinds I found were 72 inches wide each, so that was a lot of overhang.

My solution was to rap the ends of the blinds in painters tape while they are rolled up, mark where they needed to be cut and just used my chop saw and sliced the ends right off. It worked like a charm. I took pictures of this process but my memory card in my camera got corrupted and I lost them..but if anyone wants details just email me :)

I do love the texture and warmth it added , I hung them up by myself and hung the right blind a little off which makes the middles where they meet a little gapie so I must fix that and  I am so happy that these are Roman Shade Style so they actually look like blinds when raised, no roll at the bottom.So happy I found these guys!

Also I wanted to share what I picked up at a yard sale on Saturday.. I am liking little animals as of late especially brass or gold ones :) 

I seen these little guys for 50 cents and just had to bring them home..

When the blinds are down they pop out against the bamboo :)
Anyone else a fan of little golden animals? 
See you guys soon!

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