Tuesday, October 22, 2013


This is so true, adding just little touches to a space can make all the difference in the world. Some color and some pattern spices up any space in my book! I added a few little details in my "office" area this weekend that made all the difference. The first being that I recovered my chair with some fabric I had sitting in a drawer, the second was wrapping another piece of fabric around my mouse pad (haven't had time to glue it down yet) and then lastly I just popped a colorful pillow in this here chair for a nice soft back rest. Wallah insta change up, and it took me a matter of minuets. Who doesn't  love a fast update? Here is what I was working with before..

Pretty boring right? I just popped off this chair seat (I made out of plywood and foam a while back) laid it on the floor and just wrapped my fabric around it and stapled to the underside, super quick and easy update to any old chair!

Boy, adding in just these few little details made a huge difference, and more importantly it makes me feel happy :) That's what's important right, doing what makes you feel happy? I do have some other plans for this little space of mine but for now this was a just quickie fix, but so impactful.

I think the bottom of these chair legs are begging for some gold caps (or maybe just some gold paint). A little bling never hurt nothing :) Have a great day, see ya soon!

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