Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Well I decided to build  for my grass cloth wall, I painted my Asian screens on Monday, only the trim which used to be black, it is now white. I did this with the intention of just using these for my grass cloth project, but after I painted them I just could not ruin them. I was really digging the side that is gold and black, and my sister came over as I was painting them and said to me "you aren't gonna cover that gold up are you?" I said yes... I am going to use them for my project instead of building.She looked at me like I was crazy and pleaded with me not to. So..I didn't.

I had to find a place for them, which was another task in itself, and finally decided on my bedroom. I think I will keep the trim around them white for now, it makes them "pop" a little more than the black did with the color of my bedroom walls.

I had my hubby cut off the tops off with the table saw, they used to look like this at the top..

Much better! I am starting on the building of the "wall" hopefully today (this evening). If it doesn't rain, wish me luck!

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