Monday, July 29, 2013


Happy Monday Y'all! I was at Target yesterday and couldn't leave the store without browsing through the home decor isles (its like going to an ice cream shop and not having any) for me, am I the only one who thinks Target is totally "getting it" in the style department?

I ran into these little beauties...

Agate coasters,these are so gorgeous! I thought they were real agates until I read the tag, they are really glass but I couldn't tell the difference. The best part is the price, at $9.99 for four of them, and they are not at all small. Here is a size comparison with my water bottle...

 They come in teal color too but my store was all sold out (most stores are, I checked). You can only buy the pink color online, not the teal ones...booo!

And the table they have was gorgeous too..I wanted it badly..

This was priced at $59.99, not too bad, and in person this is just beautiful!  You can buy this one online too! I have talked about the Threshold line many times and how I just love it and the affordable prices, well they didn't disappoint again! Who else cant resist the home decor isle at Target?

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