Monday, July 15, 2013


Happy Monday everyone! I have been really slowing down on my posts lately, I am just trying to enjoy the summer and spend some time with the family and getting some things I have put on the back burner done, and it has been fun! Anyways I wanted to give you a peek of that diy'ed wall art I was talking about for the boys room. I wanted something simple that would stand out, and wasn't too little kiddish..if that's a word.This is what I came up with...Their initials...

Just what I wanted, simple yet makes a statement. This is all freehand, I printed out the letter in the font that I liked, bought a couple poster boards from the dollar store and started to freehand copy the letter in a much larger size of course.(The Hubs was a big help too, from across the room he noticed I got a little wonkie) this is him fixing it for me..

After it was sketched out I just used a black sharpie to color it in.

Put it in the frame and wallah..super cheap wall art! The frames I had laying around for about a year (Hoarding pays off sometimes..) ha..I will be posting the final pictures maybe tomorrow! Have a great day!!

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