Wednesday, July 3, 2013


The rug I purchased that arrived damaged is still sitting in the dining room awaiting its fate (no one has showed up to "inspect" it yet) but I have been having fun looking at other rugs to replace it. I found a really good one...a really, really good one (can you tell I like it) a grey and cream greek key rug!! 


Isn't it just gorgeous? I love a good graphic rug, its not as bold as the damaged one..(PICTURED BELOW)

It looks identical to the Shades of Light Rug I have been oogling (is that a word?) over for quite some time, but oh so much cheaper. 

I am all exited and giddy like a kid waiting for Christmas for it to arrive, I will definitely be spilling the beans about it when I get is a Dhurrie rug, which I gave never purchased before, so I am hoping that it doesn't look too rugged or rough like some I have seen. Anyone have a "Dhurrie" rug? How do they hold up i.e. spills, vacuuming, kids, pets?  

Amazingly enough the headboards I just make for the boys, the fabric color matches the "damaged" rug to the T, so maybe instead of tossing it I can try and hide the bad parts and put it in their room. Hmm that might just work. 

Well I am off to go finish some projects (I will post pics of the boys room and the headboards soon). Have a great 4th of July everyone!! Oh and if you know about the Dhurrie rug I would love to pick your brain! :)


  1. The rug is gorgeous! I've been looking for something grey and ivory for a long time. I noticed on the website that some of the greek keys varied in size. Maybe it's just the picture? Do you find that the pattern is consistent on yours? Thanks for your help!

  2. Hi Kate,
    This rug is absolutely gorgeous! I did get it just haven't posted pictures yet, but the pattern is perfectly symmetrical,(not different sizes at all) and it is a true grey and white too. Im in love with it! Hope this helps, have a great day!


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