Friday, November 15, 2013


Happy Friday! I have been on a spray everything gold kick lately! I cant help myself! I did a little project yesterday with some deer horns I have had for about a year or so, I don't know if animal parts are on the outs as far as decorating goes, but I didn't jump on that band wagon until now. With Christmas around the corner, (I am reminded of that every time I turn the radio or T.V. on) for some reason gold and white antlers remind of Christmas. 
We finally put our bedroom T.V. on a wall mount so now I have extra space on the dresser for "stuff". For some reason when I have extra space I just gotta go and add something to "fill" it up. Its a problem I have, a real life problem! Anyways here is what the horns (or antlers) looked like after I just sprayed them white..

They need Gold don't ya think? YES! To make stripes (what I wanted) just use some painters tape and wrap around, super easy..

I took a plastic bag and tape to cover the white part I didn't want sprayed like this..

 Spray with gold paint, I used Krylon in gold leaf, my favorite gold spray paint.

Let it dry and peel off the tape and Bam, Gold Bling!

I have one more set to "bling" out. I am going to use them somewhere in the living room as part of my Christmas decor this year, which I will be starting to pull out that stuff sometime in the next week :) Things are not safe right now muahaha..from my gold spray paint, but I am gonna try and control myself. Hmm a gold painted tree???  Have a Great Weekend!

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