Tuesday, November 12, 2013


I have been contemplating going out this year and doing some Black Friday shopping, but I am a little disappointed that most stores are on the bandwagon of starting their sales on Thanksgiving. What is with that? It's not even Black Friday any more it Black Thursday! If you are contemplating this, in my experience you have to pick the store that has the best deals (Target all the way for me) and wait in line outside of the store for at least 4 hours for them to open the doors to get those deals. One year we waited in line for 4 hours mind you in the freezing cold (make sure to dress warm and bring a thermos with something hot in it along with a few snacks too) and by the time the doors opened the line outside had grown all the way around the entire building wrapping it once over! I know, crazy!! So by the time those back of the line people get into the store all the deals are pretty much cleared out. This is why.. when those doors open it complete chaos! People running like crazy people filling their carts!

And when inside it gets like this.... Instantly..

These poor guys, a million people and questions flying around, and some of these folks are not nice at all, learned that the hard way one time.. So I figured if I don't wait in line outside before the doors open to be one of the first people to enter the store, what is the point? Maybe some people like the thrill of the experience instead of the actual shopping? I am there for the deals, but sadly they are gone in a instant, in someones shopping cart that beat you to it. 

So, I would essentially have to "give up" Thanksgiving so that I can be in line waiting since now most stores open at 8pm on Thanksgiving day :( What to do?  I am on the fence this year, but when your on a budget for Christmas this is THE DAY of DAYS to get it done. I have tried to shop on the internet instead of going out to the stores and almost always the sites crash...and I cant get through! What is a girl to do??  If you are going out be safe, never go alone, bring snacks and warm stuff to drink, and have a cell phone for emergency's. Any one else planning to head out this Black Thursday?

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