Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Remember when I posted about THIS project around a month or so ago? Well, I am finally finished! This was one of the longest projects I have ever done to date. That being because I did most of it by myself, my hubby did help me some but not too much. I got this idea from the crazy talented Sarah M. Dorsey, she is a rock star blogger, and she whips out these crazy good D.I.Y. projects like they are nothing. Here is the LINK to her blog on her grass cloth wall. Sarah made an actual "wall" which is what I considered doing too, but I didn't have the room to make one that big (I would have had to empty my entire living room almost to have the room) that didn't sound like any fun, and knowing it would take along time I didn't want to live that way. My solution to this was that instead of an entire wall, I made three "panels" and hung them together like this..

I was hoping to have enough grass cloth left to put behind the panels to cover the entire wall, even if I had to cut the paper in half to fit behind just the openings, but nope, there just isn't enough left. I cant justify buying another roll just to do this because it is on the more spendy side, more on this side than I like, so this is how it will stay. I do LOVE how this turned out, it's a  huge statement wall and because it is behind the sofa it looks like it was done intentionally and not just thrown up there because it was pretty. This is definitely the focus of the room now instead of the T.V. yea for that!

I do have one flub, can you spot it? The hubs and I were both coping the pattern on the same panel and well lets just say he messed up, I am gonna blame him this time..it's okay he knows..anyways I will be back tomorrow with the full details on how I made it, until then here are some more pics! Have a great day!

I will be sharing this on the linky party over at LisMarieBlog HERE, check out all the talented peeps over there!

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