Thursday, November 21, 2013


Who is a crazy happy buying dresser freak?? I am!! Okay so I know I said that my goal wasn't to buy anything that I didn't need..I know, I know. That is exactly what my husband said to me last night when he came home, after I kindly asked him to go with me and pick up a dresser..again, I had to through in a.. but honey, I have wanted one of these dresser foreva! It's only $30, that's unheard of! I had to get my point across that this was such a good deal, ya know. Well I must have gave some really good puppy dog eyes or something because it worked! He said okay if you really gotta have this thing lets go and get this over with. See I have heard these dressers are really heavy, if it wasn't for that I would have let my poor hubby stay home. Don't you wish that there was some magical pill you could take to make you strong for just 30 minutes? Just long enough to pick up a heavy dresser and put in in the truck. In my case, a crazy, blogger, Craigslist dresser buying pill if you will. Ya that would be awesome! On to the dresser, it has some cosmetic issues, not too bad, but for $30 I cant complain.

Oh and it was REALLY heavy, and a lot smaller in person than I expected, but still I am a happy girl! Now what color should this new addition be? I went online to see what kind of inspiration I could get as far as painting this baby, and there are so many colorful options, and they all look really good.

This green one I seen over and over again, this is a really popular photo.


This one is just like mine, really like this option.


Then there is classic black. I have noticed a lot of people really like the white option, but I think I am trying to get out of paint everything white mode. My hubby did say he liked the white which was a shocker because he usually has no opinion on my little projects, but for some reason I think he likes this guy as much as me. Time to go get my paint on, to the paint store I go. What do you guys think? Any opinions on a color choice?

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