Tuesday, November 26, 2013


My little $30 Craigslist Campaign dresser is done! As for the color I chose to go a deep navy blue. I originally had a lighter navy colored blue paint that I was going to use, but decided I wanted something darker, so I mixed in a little black with the navy color until I got the perfect shade I was looking for. I got my color mixed and ready then a little wood filler, taping, sanding and rolling on the paint and it's a whole new dresser! I did take off the handles and buried them in Brasso ( I went back 15 minutes later to check on them and they were blue..that kinda freaked me out a little, but they were fine.Wheww..Scrubbed them for a long time, I mean ALONG time, they were really corroded. As I was resting my hands after scrubbing that darn brass I got a switch twitch (the urge to switch and move random things) is what I am calling it now, so I started moving stuff around, so much for resting..hehe

 It didn't cost me a thing for the new look, I just shopped my own house again. I grabbed my two Chinese Chippendale chairs (which were also a Craigslist score) and recovered the cushions (Kravet Riad fabric) and put them on either side to flank my new adorable campaign dresser. This dresser is much smaller than the other cabinet that I had in here, so I don't know if it was just that I was used to seeing something so much bigger that when I put this one in its place it looked not finished, too puny maybe, but after I put the two chairs on the sides I thought it looked much better.

I had these lamps sitting in my garage for a long time (Target clearance score from a couple years back) and decided to break them out, the color they were originally was like a dark greenish color, didn't mix well with the dark navy.

So spray paint to the rescue! My bestie spray paint.. First I primed them with 2 coats letting them dry completely before applying the second primer coat. ( Zinsser 123 primer works great) then used white lacquer,(Ace brand) using the same step, applied 2 coats letting them dry in between. I think they look so much better this color don't you? I am a high contrast kind of girl.

I added some black ribbon around the shades,put my coral, orangish tray that I got from Target a while back from the modern cottage collection, and boom totally different look.

 For a little somethin somthin extra to add to the dresser, I had a Chinese wind chime outside forever and took it apart and painted it gold then hung it on the handle with some clear fishing line, I actually really like how this looks, thought it would be too bulky but looks great :)

Here is a little before and after of the dining room area..


And here is a before and after of the dresser..



Well thats my little dresser/dining room revamp, nothing major but still different! I am so exited that its time to start doing some Christmas decorating this week, time to get in the holiday spirit! Yea my favorite time of year, cant wait, ! See you soon!

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