Tuesday, May 21, 2013


It was beautiful in San Fransisco on Sunday! We arrived at our hotel around 5:00 pm which is right across the street from the beach, it is so beautiful there. We unloaded our bags from the car and settled in for a while and it didn't take too long before my little one Brandon was begging to go across the street to "see the ocean". Of course we would be cruel if we denied him, so a walking we went. ( tip..I only brought sandals so I threw on my bedtime slippers, not the greatest choice, I had huge sandy toe boogers after all that walking, so tennis shoes next time) TMI..sorry..anways here is some pics of the little walk we took..

There were these flowers growing on the ground everywhere, so pretty.

Here the boys were having a competition on who could make it to the bottom first, Brandon lost his footing and decided it was ok if dad won this time.

This is what you saw as you got over that little hill they were racing on. The sun was starting to set which made this all the prettier. 

It was another competition on who could throw sand balls the furthest..

It looks like they were ready to surf the waves (who knows they may have done it if I hadn't begged them to back up from the water), my little dare devils.

Brandon showing me these HUGE Coast Guard ships in the water, he thought they were so cool.

After all that running and playing the boys were pooped so back to the hotel we went. I did get to go to Ikea this trip, I only picked up a few little things, more on that later this week. Have any of you been lucky enough to visit the beach lately? What does your family do?

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