Friday, May 31, 2013


Wow am I the only one who feels like time just fly's by? Like I stepped into a time warp zone or something. I mean it seams like yesterday I was coming home from the hospital with my new born baby boy in my arms. Today he is 10 years old, I would still carry him around if he weren't so big! No I wouldn't really, but it just makes me a little sad that If I wanted to I couldn't.My baby is growing up so fast :( it almost makes me consider having another before my time is up, birthdays are a big reminder of that one..  

Ok mommy enough of the sad stuff, we gotta get our fun on! We have a birthday party planned for tomorrow full of fun activity's with all of his friends. A bunch of 9-10 year old boys, lets hope there is no blood..these boys are little dare devils!  To say the least I will have my hands full but am exited to share another special birthday with my little boy (even when he is 40 I will always see him as that, my little boy.) Happy Birthday Brandon, I love you Lots! (He sometimes gets on his computer and reads mom's blog, how cute is that?) Here are some pictures I hope he wont mind me sharing (its just a few Brandon promise!)

School Carnival Picture In the back of a Police Car (for fun) 2nd Grade

Pumpkin Patch Trip (Kindergarten) One of my favorite photos

This is how you can tell they are getting older..Mr. Moody on this day..hehe (4th Grade)

This is him now all big and stuff (too big to carry) :(

Thanks for letting me get all corny and sentimental today, promise this will only happen twice a year (both of my boys birthdays) 

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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