Monday, June 3, 2013


Hi guys, Happy Monday!!
I just wanted to pop in for a minute and share what I found this weekend on Craigslist, a vintage Thomasville Bamboo Desk! It was advertised as a kids desk, which was something I was looking for so I clicked on the ad, then I blew up the picture and holy cow (I said this out loud) this looks like one of those vintage Tomasville desks I have seen so many times in magazines! I emailed and they responded right away with "yes I still have it"...woot woot..and for $20.00! It is what I thought it was, I opened up one of the drawers and sure enough it is a Thomasville! I thought should I offer her more money and I did ask my hubby that question but of course he said no thats what Craigslist is for..finding bargains, so I gave her the $20.00 and it is now home with me, it needs some work, definitely a new paint job.That is what I will be working on this week. When she is all finished up I will post the pictures. 

Now on to sanding and deciding what color she will be..any suggestions??

Have a Terrific Day !!

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