Thursday, June 27, 2013


Hi I'm a little late posting today (its so beautiful outside today, Ive been enjoying it) but better late than never right?

Today I wanted to share how to add social media buttons to your blog. I am not very educated on these types of things but some determination and research I have learned how to do it. Wanna know how? If so here we go..

First, you want to either make yourself or find social media buttons online there are tons for free you can download just do a google search for social media buttons. Here is what mine look like:

Next after you choose your buttons upload them into a photbucket account, if you don't have one you can create one (its fast, easy and FREE!) (above pic is the icons in my photobucket) !) After you have done that you will need the html code so that they can be linked to your blog. Here is the code

" width="52" height="52" alt="NAME OF SOCIAL MEDIA ICON" />

  Now your gonna have to do some replacing of the code with your information, for example:

(Use your Note Pad program for this, nothing else)

SOCIAL MEDIA LINK replace with the url of your social media account (example)

NAME OF SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNT you need to replace with the name of the social media you are linking to i.e Twitter

DIRECT LINK TO SOCIAL MEDIA ICON you need  replace with the direct link for the image you want to link to, you will find this in your Photobucket account (I found my image in photo bucket, click on the image and then right clicked on the page  and chose "view page source"and copied the image location link in the html page code. The line that has .png at the end.Here what mine looked like :

You can change the size by altering the numbers if you want.

NAME OF SOCIAL MEDIA ICON you need to replace with the name of the social media account icon, Twitter icon

You will need to to repeat this process for each social media account you want to add to your blog.

Now after you have done this for all the buttons you want you need to add  the html in your blog.

Here's how to do that:

From your dashboard, use the drop down menu to enter the Layout screen, choose an Add Gadget tab.

Copy the entire code you created in Notepad, and paste it in to the pop up box. You can change the arrangement of the icons if you want, once you got it the way you want, hit Save.(And yes all these can be put into one gadget)

Here is what mine looked like:

 That's it your all done! Sound hard and believe me I was intimidated but just take your time and you can totally do it! If anyone needs some help just let me know I will give it my best shot!
Have a great day!

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