Monday, June 24, 2013


Happy Monday!! Well I finally got the desk I posted about HERE done, woohoo! This was a painstakingly long drawn out project, lots of scraping and picking and sanding. I used paint remover on this project and it was a big ole fat mistake! With all the grooves and the legs being round and not straight was a pain in the butttookiss..  Next time I'm going to sand only, I thought by using the paint remover it would save me time and energy but the total opposite happened. Any who wanna see it all finished? Who doesn't love a good before and after? Here we go..

After all the paint was off and I sanded it a little, I sprayed it with  Rustoleum's Stone Grey in satin finish (spray paint and I are besties). It's a little darker than I wanted it but I can totally live with it.
Here is what I started with again if you didn't see my first post..

Then this is after the first round of many of the paint remover nightmare...

And one more time, the after..

Ahh..much better right?

See you soon!

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