Monday, June 10, 2013


Hi guys just had some random updates to share with you today. The first being the desk I have talked so much about this last week..well I decided to use paint remover or aka paint stripper on this here desk and I am here to tell you don't use this stuff on any thing round that has any grooves in it! I literally have been on the floor with an exacto knife (only because its the smallest thing I could find to get it there ) scarping out all the paint out of the the bamboo grooves. I think I have called this desk every name in the book at this really I need a censor over my mouth..hehe..  Banged on it several times and asked it "WHY"????....

I try to keep it real, most of my projects aren't a magical transformation like I wish it could be and things take time, I often wonder and admire how some bloggers make things look so easy, and are so dang fast at things. Am I the only one who thinks these bloggers have some secret special blogger powers that I don't have?  Blogger Super Heros..Anyways here is what I am working with on day 4...

 Yikes! Maybe another hundred hours and I will be finished.

I posted about the thumb tack embellished dressers a couple weeks ago and said when I moved them in my bedroom I would post the pictures, they barely fit in there, I got lucky and actually measured correctly...whew..

 Rug or no rug?

I am so happy with all the additional storage they have given us, so do be afraid to use dressers as night stands because I think they look great and are practical. Sometimes I say don't listen to design "rules" about scale and size and such, yea they probably aren't the right "scale" but at least my clothes aren't piled on the floor right? (They kinda were before, shh..) Anyways back to scraping this bad boy of a desk, I cant wait for this thing to be done so that I can move on to the other stages of the boys room. Anyone else having a DIY predicament?

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