Friday, June 14, 2013


I love flowers and trees and bushes get the idea I love it all, and think they can liven up any space, from the obvious outdoor space to having fresh cut flowers even in the bathroom (makes the bathroom smell fresh). I wanted to share with you what I have outdoors, which are all really easy to take care of. Now by no means am I an expert (far from it) I have had horrible luck with plants but these ones are easy so if I can keep them alive any one can, seriously no joke..I have many plant massacres caused by my black thumb under my belt..hehe..ok here we go..

  • Jade Trees

Now I know a lot of people who own these and say they are hard to keep alive, but in my opinion they are super easy and require little care. I have mine (I have 2) under the eve so they don't get the morning dew. I water them seriously like 1 time a month. Just make sure that the soil drys out COMPLETELY before you water again. They need good drainage so make sure your pot has several drain holes and your good to go.

  • Rose Cactus (Succulent)

Another Super easy plant to take care of. These are humungous Rose shaped succulents, I mean this one is like 10-12 inches in diameter, pretty big right? I also keep this one under the eve (but I don't think it would matter) this is just the best spot on my patio for this huge plant. I water this one every other day depending on how much sun the day brought and the temperature, if its super hot I water it every day. 

  • Japanese Maple Tree

My Japanese Maple is just a toddler (2 years old) it started out at about 4 inches tall,and is now I would say around 2 feet tall now. Again this is super easy to keep alive, water it and your good. Since mine is planted in a pot I do water mine either every day or every other day. My hot pink Buddha is its buddy..hehe

  • Hydrangea Family Flowers

These are my favorites, they come in all kinds of really cool colors, I choose the pinks because MY PATIO has a lot of pink in it. I just pop these guys in some pots (always have good drainage holes in the bottom) with some Miracle Grow Soil and water every day on these ones and watch them bloom! 

What are your favorite plants? If there are any other easy care plants you know about I would love to hear about them! Have a great Weekend!!

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