Friday, June 28, 2013


Happy Friday! Remember back a few weeks ago I was talking about getting a new rug? I did order one online here after doing some price comparing and for a good sale, and I did find one, and it was delivered, and I was so exited and...the outer package was badly ripped on one side all the way down the entire rug was extremely dirty..

I just wanted to cry when I seen it. I had spent so much time looking for this rug. I contacted the seller and guess what?? They are out of stock, all sold out, yep can you believe it? They don't know when they will get more if they do at all. BIG sigh......but I do give BIG props to the seller they handled it so kindly and have already refunded my money, they told me not to worry about sending it back that the carrier (the comp.who delivered it) would come and inspect the rug (to make sure it is in fact damaged) and after that to just throw it away.No hassle of reshipping back or anything. 

The MOST AWESOME customer service I have ever had! It was not their fault that it was damaged during shipping yet they took full responsibility! I will most definitely be buying a rug from them to replace this one.. I will leave you with a picture of the rug just chilling waiting for its destiny (the good side, the bad side is an awful site)

 And here is what it looks like all laid out (I thought this rug was so fun and unique)



Have a great weekend, I am off to do some rug hunting again!

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